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pham ngoc
45 District 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 29 - 65
Foreign Trade University graduated in 1998 Thach Thi Thanh elementary, Tran Quang Khai, Van Lang, district 1 Nguyen Du elite school Le hong Phong elite highschool graduated in 1993 First Award and Third Awards in the national competitions of foreign languages(French) in 1989,92,93 Advanced English certificate in 1997, Viet-My formation school Toefl test in 1997: 510 points, American Winsor medical university Toefl test in June 2007: 400points,in Dec 2007: 427 points Wincolsin medical university Toefl test in June 2008:443points Industrial air conditioning electric certificate in 2004 Eloquence Contest Award in 2004 (Australian Consulate General,RMIT, AUCP's organizatign) International Networking Marke4ing Certificate in "003 (Vivalife Korean Company's ) Computer : Word,Excel,Access,Power Point,Visual Basic,Hardware installation basis,Web design front page, Photoshop, Internet Music : A Award, Silver medal in national music competitions in 1985,89 with zither, monochord, 2 string fiddle Member of the connection board: Petrusky, Le hong Phong highschool from 1994, "for the future development of Vietnam scholarship program of Youth news from 1989. youth cultural house, labors cultural house’ English,French,Chinese speaking clubs, universities’ clubs.From 1995, member of the Francophony Friendship house. 1) Translation, interpretation by English, French, Vietnamese, Deutch, Spanish, Italian,Danish experienced in art, music, construction, electricity, medicine, telecommunication, economics, tech, researches, law, science, industries. 2) Traditional,popular,pop music show, music composition, music record, music disk production. www.youtube.com/tuyenpn9,ngoctuyen3,tuyenpn1 3) Teaching: English, French, Vietnamese, music played on the Vietnamese musical instruments, piano, guitar, violin,songs. 4) Graphic art Design by photoshop, power point, Corel draw 5) Trading: hotel:1-5 stars,Tour guide:Asia,Australia,Europe,America,Africa, Handicrafts: wooden, stone statues,masks,bracelets, ceramic bottles, drawings, the souvenirs, the Vietnamese musical instruments, with and without sea shell, embroidery, caligraphic, floormat, indoor, outdoor furniture, Soybean sauce, Tea, pharmaceuticals, foods, garments, cosmetics, machines. CONGRATULATION TO PHAM ngoc tuyen! www.youtube.com/tuyenpn9, ngoctuyen3,tuyenpn1 - 17 Nov 2012 : Music show in Shang palace for Vietnamese,Malaysian meeting. - 4,5 Aug 2012 : Music show in the Vietnam southern wedding organisation,restaurant - 24 July 2012 : Music show in New World hotel for SMC corporation joint-venture(Viet-Japan)signing event. - 22 March 2012 : Music show in Internatinal Asiana hotel "Elle" French magazine event - 17 March 2012 : Music show in New World hotel "dragon" event - 7 March 2012 : Music show in 6c ngo Thoi Nhiem house. - 20Nov 2011 : Music show for Vietnamese culture teaching and celebration of the Teacher's day in International British School. - 2011 : Piano music performances in cafes, Kumho, Asiana international hotel in HCMC. - 15 March 2011 : Music performances in the Friendship house for welcoming the French group for the parenting of children in the center of Vietnam - 2011 : Music performances in the mentioned restaurants and piano solo in the First hotel - 5 Nov 2010 : in the celebretion of the National day of Cambodia in Friendship house, organised by Consulate general of Cambodia, Embassy of Cambodia, Asean friendship association, music performance by zither solo “Cambodian popular song”, “Beautiful Saigon!”, “Trong com –Vietnamese popular North music”, “Ly qua deo-Vietnamese popular Center music”, together with the Asean-Viet friendship association members. - 12July 2010 : in the celebretion of National day of France in Friendship house, organised by Consulate General of France,French Alliance,Viet-France friendship association, music performance by zither solo song “the country” together with the Viet-France friendship association members - 26 June 2010 : Music show for the finance trainning conference in the Smart train Company 26 June 2010 : Performance de musique dans la conférence des études financieres de la compagnie de Smart train - 8 May 2010 :Music show for the 10 years anniversary of the culture department of the hochiminh city human,social science university 2-6pm,8May2010, in the center of the cultural festival which first is the ceremonical tea art-Vietnamese traditional music show- caligraphy donation written by master Nguyen Hieu Tin Performances de musique pour l'anniversaire de 10 annees de départements de culture de l'université de science sociale,humaine de hochiminh ville, 2-6pm,8Mai 2010, dans le centre de festival culturel lequel le premier est l'art de thé cérémonique-performances de musique traditionelle Vietnamienne- donation de caligraphie, écrite par masteur Nguyen Hieu Tín - 2010 : Music performances in the mentioned restaurant, and Lemongrass restaurant - 14 Jan 2010 : Together with francophone students in the hong Bang university, with about 10 songs, dance, modern and popular, traditional, tuyen plays zither for the Vietnamese song "half moon"sang by Mr Fayar- French at 9am, thursday, 14january 2010, in the friendship house, 31 Le duan str. for the ceremony of the 20th birthday celebration of Francophone friendship house. - 26 Dec 2009 : Please have a look in the HTV7 or 9 the inauguration ceremony of hoCHIMINH city new year festival in the 23 sep parc in 26 dec 2009. tuyen played zither in the "Happiness of having Uncle ho" song with Chinese,Cham music bands. - 2009 : Music performances in the mentioned restaurants, Phố xưa-Old town.Music performances in the friendship house in the celebration of the NATIONAL DAY OF FRANCE. - 2008 : Music performances in the mentioned restaurants, Grand hotel.Music performances in the friendship house in the celebration of the NATIONAL DAY OF FRANCE. Music performances in the schoLarship programs of YOUTH NEWS “for the future development of VIETNAM” IN Youth news ‘s building and Lan Anh stadium. Music performances in the ceremony of Francophones, French speaking clubs in hochiminh city, inauguration of the “Friendhsip club no border “. Organisation and music performances for the 9th birthday of the friendship club in the cultural house of labors in 7 Dec 2008, “the country’s song” ‘s music talk show in HTV9, shown in Sunday 12pm30with the presentation of popular prof.Nguyen Van Doi, popular Prof. PHAM Thuy hoan, musician Nguyen Thi Hai Phuong. - 2007 : Music shows in restaurants, mentioned restaurants. - 2005-2006 : American Pacific University hichschool:teaching music, music show Music shows in restaurants, mentioned restaurants and Ancient town, New world hotel Music performances for the music contest of district 3,representing for the district 2 cultural house music band. - 2003 –2004 : Music performances in Le Mekong, Indochine, hoamai restaurant in Rex hotel, Vietnamhouse restaurant, restaurant in top floor in Liberty IV hotel, Mandarin, hoi An restaurants - 15 Sep 2003 : Music performance in Rex hotel, 141 Nguyen Hue st., HCMC, Truc Mai band, for Avon Cosmetics Malaysia – UM Incentive Trip - 1 & 7 Sep 2003 : Music performances in Omni hotel, 251 Nguyen Van Troi st., HCMC, Truc Mai band, dressed of Asian traditional dresses. - 15 & 18 Aug 2003 : Music performances in Indochine, 32 PHAM ngoc Thach st., HCMC, for Maesk Corp. & Malaysian groups, Truc Mai band - May 2003 : Music performance in Tulip restaurant, Cach Mang Thang 8 st., HCMC, Truc Mai band - April 2003 : Music performance in Bao Quoc (the Vietnamese well-known joker) restaurant, Le Duan st., HCMC, Truc Mai band, for a Vietnamese traditional wedding. - Feb 2003 : The Dictrict III Folkloric Music Festival: playing zither for the “ Moi Trau” – ball invitation song, Nguyen Van Du Vietnam North traditional and folkloric music band - January 2003 : Music performance in Independence Palace, Truc Mai band, for Mekong Delta Development Conference - 16 Dec02–20May03 : Music performances in Quan Com ngon – Good rice restaurant, 88 Nguyen Du st., Truc Mai band - Aug 2002 : Music performance in Independence Palace, Phu Sa band, for OPEL Corporation Celebration - July 2002 : Music performance in Binh Quoi I resort, for the festival of Vietnamese traditional food, games and show of Vietnamese cultural activities. - May 2002 : Saigon tourist music and dance band, the performing Vietnamese traditional wedding ceremony theater, in Binh Quoi II resort - 20 Feb 2002 : Music performance in Oscar hotel, 68 A Nguyen Hue, HCMC, ngoc tuyen band - Feb 2002 : Music performance & MC, Crystal Symphony Boat Trip, Truc Mai band - Jan 2002 : Music performances in New World hotel, 76 Le Lai, HCMC, PHAM ngoc Tien band, for Vietnamese- Japanese paralyzed chi - 16 Feb 2001 : Music performances in Indochine restaurant, 32 PHAM ngoc Thach st., Truc Mai band - 14 Feb 2001 : Music performances in Vietnam house restaurant, 93- - 14 Feb 2001 : Music performances in Blue Ginger restaurant, 37 Nam ky Khoi Nghia st., HCMC, Phu Sa band - 14 Feb 2001 : Music performances in hoi An restaurant, 11 Le Thanh Ton st., Mandarine restaurant, 11 A ngo Van Nam, Le Mekong restaurant, 57 Dong Du, Phu Sa Band - 13 Feb 2001 : Music performance in Tan Binh District Cultural house, lunar new year celebration, Vu Ban band - 12 Feb 2001 : Music performance in Independence Palace, Vu Ban Hue- Vietnam Centre traditional and folkloric music - 2 Sep 1998 : Music performance and meeting, the 10th anniversary of the “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program: members who received scholarships offer 20 scholarships for brillant students in difficult situation in far districts of HCMC Youth Committee of HCMC Youth News “Commemoration of 20th year setting-up day of Youth News (2 Sep 1975 – 2 Sep 1995) “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program - 7 years of realizing “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program - Summary of social– charity works of Youth News - Some examples of successful students, pupils in studying and training PHAM ngoc tuyen (“For the future development of Vietnam” 4th scholarship program (1989)) • Born in 1975 • Receiving scholarship while being 8th class pupil of District 1, specializing school (with the achievement of A Award in the city festival of solo Vietnamese folkloric musical instruments (1989) • Besides, ngoc tuyen is also the brilliant pupil of French foreign language - National First Award in French of 9th class (1989-1990) - National 3th Award in French of 11th class (1991-1992) - National congratulation Award in French of 12th class (1992-1993) - Now, being the junior student of Foreign Trade University, preparing “ C” advanced- level English Certificate - Special capacity in traditional, folkloric music (zither, monocord, 2-stringged violin). Music composition and harmonization - 2 Sep 1995 : Music performance in Youth Cultural house, I the 20th anniversary of Youth News - 2 Sep 1995 Youth News: Meeting again the old persons They were the old members – who received the assistance of “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program many years ago. Coming to the meeting, for them, a return to the family, to announce what they achieved, as well as express what they Think, they feel about the program PHAM ngoc tuyen: The trace to follow her dream PHAM ngoc tuyen – the very Thin young girl of the 8th class of District I specializing school of that day (in 1989, she received the 4th scholarship) now becomes a young nice woman in the yellow Vietnamese traditional dress. After playing “No one can’t stop the singing” by zither, she comes to tell me: “how am I thump, same as the day I joined in the festival…”. I say: “ You play well!” tuyen is shy in replying: “It is due to dear elders of Youth News in assisting me and encouraging me at the age of 13… Every time coming to Youth News office or attending any conferences, I recall the day of receiving the scholarship, it was 7 years, …” It is the “trace” for following tuyen’ s dreams, ambitions. What does she got after the sharing hands of the “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program? Now the young girl having a great passion for Vietnamese traditional, folkloric music is the good junior student of Foreign Trade University of HCMC, she is trying to get the “C” – advanced level English Certificate. In the spare time, she composes music and harmony music for monocord, Vietnamese 2-stringed violin, zither. hoa Tuyet - Oct 1994 : Music performance and teaching in ngoc tuyen tourist, souvenir shop in the back packer center of HCMC - 29 July 1992 : Speech in the folkloric conference of HCMC, in representation for the young generation - 1992 : Music performances with friends (Phuc Anh – in the picture – guitarist, composer) in the new year, Christmas season, Mid-Autumn holidays, … - 15 May 1992 Socialist Republic of Vietnam Independence – Liberty – Happiness The organizers of Festival of Vietnamese folkloric music and dance of District III, in 1992 AWARDED To : PHAM ngoc tuyen, district I Had : won the congratulation award of solo of Vietnamese 2-stringed violin, “Phoenix”- South Vietnam traditional song In : the festival of Vietnamese folkloric music, dance of Dictrict III, in 1992 No: 38/92 – CM NDT 15 May 1992 For the organizers Huynh Thieng Phuc The culture and Information Office stamped - 30 April 1992 : Literature and art News, HCMC Literature and art activities PHAM ngoc tuyen: Young girl having great capacity in traditional, folkloric music PHAM ngoc tuyen born 24 April 1975 before the liberation of Saigon, now she is the 11th class pupil specializing in French in Le hong Phong high school, won the Silver Medal in the National Festival of Vietnamese folkloric musical instruments in 1989 with 3 musical instruments: zither, monocord, 2-stringed violin. From 7 years old, tuyen contacted music. Her parents let her study in the capacity classes in the City Children Cultural house. In 9th years old (1984) tuyen won the A award of zither in the festival organized by the Music and Dance study Institute and Labor Club. In the capacity classes in the City Children house, tuyen always got 10 in music noting, vocal scale & syllable; 11 years old, she finished the 5 years music study program between 18 months and 10 music works in the University program of the HCMC Conservatory between 10 hours. Especially, her strange highly discern in many musical instruments. After studying in the Cit Children house, tuyen continues to study traditional music,, her teachers are Mr. BaTu, Mr. Chau Uyen, Mr. Bay Ba, Mme. Thuy hoan… These well-known artists judges: “ she has the ears of a due musicien” and recognize her deep, precise artistic sense in folkloric musical instruments” so the hand down her their highly polished career skill. Now, after many music festivals, ngoc tuyen comes back to the general knowledge program, French and music performances…at home. In the future, ngoc tuyen is undecided in music and medicine. Maybe she chooses both in order to supplement each other, insure the life. Nguyen Binh Nguyen - 30 April 1991 : In commemorative of 16 years of the City Liberation ( 30 April 1975 – 30 April 1991) Stories of 16 years old 16 years passed from the Saigon Liberation day, one young generation growths up, in the advantages or difficulties One example of pupils fond of learning of Bui An hoa can’t surely represent a young generation in fully acknowledging that “their era is the one of knowledges” … In conversary , some features of other 16 years old young full of adverse circumstances let us know about vigorous challenges for the new generation development in order to come to their future. - 28 Sep 1990 : Red Scarf News, No 39/90 Friends ‘talks: Under the roof of the school: This topic will be the bridge for friends near or far exchange, ask about study methods, about secrets to be the number one, the champion of brilliant examples of the elementary, secondary schools, to satisfy the curiosity (a little bit!) PHAM ngoc tuyen So much of lessons, self-studying will be good. In This News, talk to PHAM ngoc tuyen – the young girl of well studying, well playing music (Red Scarf, No. 37/90). how do you achieve the results: secondary school graduation at 38/40 and national first award of French? - how do you study any subjects as history, geography, biology…?(Nguyen Van Dung-PN) - Not differently from you. I have to “wrestle” with these subjects. I have a look first then listen to the teacher then learn by heart immediately - And other scientific subjects (Math, Physics, Chemical)? - I listen carefully in class, do exercises, even in other books. I ask my mother, teachers if I have any difficulty. I like these subjects, and got 8-10 points as results - So much lessons, how do you arrange time? Do you study at any particular class? (Nguyen Thi Hang – secondary school An hoi) - I only study at school for 9 years. About music, in the summer, my mother invite teachers or bring me to study traditional music. Every day, when I am tired, I relaxed by music. - Do you have any other hobbies? - I listen to popular music, traditional music, I read books…I have fun with the 2 dogs and help my mother. - Do you have any souvenirs in your national French competition? (Tran Tho, D.1) - I can’t forget. The exam’s question: “where did Uncle ho die?” I reply that he die in the country though. - A lot of young don’t like traditional music, can you tell us about that passion?(Nguyen Van An- GV) - I study music from 8 years old. 3 months later, I won the district I first award, 6 months later, the city A award in zither. - how about your recent life and dream? - I am in 10 D1 of Le hong Phong high school. Because I am “Thin”, I study medicine, I don’t know I have enough health. - 26 Sep 1990 : Women News No.61: Rare passion The age of 15 and a special skills through a lot of musical instruments (zither, 2-stringed violin, monocord, tyba…) is the 2 advantages of PHAM ngoc tuyen-the young girl winning the first award – in comparison with young in the selection of “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program for talents. With her very soon music skills, from 8 years old, tuyen studied music with…her mother-the first teacher, the one who recognize and keep up with her skills. Then tuyen continues to study music in the City Cultural house. Besides the zither, tuyen train other musical instruments. At the age of 9 years old, tuyen won A solo of zither in the City festival of music instruments(1985-Labor Club). At the age of 9 years old, tuyen received instruction from well-known musicians, teachers of the City Conservatory. With 4 Great Grudges(zither), Woe in the South (monocord)and Trade market in the spring time, H’Mong mountainous people folkloric music(2-stringed violin)- tuyen won the Silver Medal. Any one who listen to her music, can’t forget her softly intense, earnest music through the vibration, press, claw. tuyen don’t only play as a skilled musicien but also a artist by all of her spirit casted from country love.Every music pieces make us recall the origine as “the mother’s sing for children sleeping, the wind in the bamboo, banana brushwood, the lament of the 2 poor lovers” Not only excellent in the music, tuyen is also a brilliant pupil graduated from the secondary school at 38/40, nationally awarded Number One in French, tuyen is selected directly to 10th class of Le hong Phong school for year 90-91. Later, the study time can effect on the music training, but anyway, her Vietnamese popular music passion can’t become appeased. When every exotic, mixed music is noisily take the young’s desire, tuyen’s passion, talents are the happiness, the hope of anyone still earnest with the Vietnamese popular music. Nguyen Phu Yen - 21 Sep 1990 : Red Scarf News No 37/90 Well studying and good skills of music While being young. tuyen listens passionately her mother’s music. A music teacher said “she has a precise music ear”. tuyen always asks her parents music books, but books only in French. - Me oi, why are Vietnamese folkloric music books written in French” - There are foreigners’study nbooks, some, written by Vietnameses, in order to introduce to the world. - So if I study French, I can read these books. - Sure, if you study well. tuyen study new words by writing on board, then making phrases. Please come to 4/6 Tran Khac Chan D.1, to make friend with the young girl talented in music. You can see that she is focusing in washing the mother of pearl of the musical instruments, wooden products that her parents just finish. - 2 Sep 1990 : Meeting of the family of the “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program Youth Committee of HCMC Youth News Summary: 2 years of realizing the “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program - Summary of 2 years of realizing the “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program - Generalization of social works of Youth News - Some examples. - List of young in the family “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program PHAM ngoc tuyen: The young girl beside the musical instruments • Born in 1975 • Address: 4/6 Tran Khac Chan, D.1 • Brilliant pupil from first class, 88-89 district I first award of French, 89-90 National first award of French • A Award in the city festival of solo Vietnamese folkloric musical instruments (1989) • Silver Medal of National festival of musical instruments in 1989 • Characters: shy, good, but very confident while having music performances • Wishes: doctor career There were a lot of writings about tuyen’s achievement in music. At the 13 years old, tuyen won the national Silver Medal, playing folkloric musical instruments(proficiency in nearly 10 musical instruments)and National First Award of French. But it is difficult to know that behind tuyen’s magic music, with precise, sustain strength, strange passion in any shake, scale of folkloric musical instruments, tuyen is a shy young girl. tuyen studied the 5 years program in 18 months, the 10 Conservatory University music works in 10 hours. tuyen seems escaping her build! Confident, solid in managing every music lines, every sophisticated notes. - 30 Aug 1990 : Youth News: PHAM ngoc tuyen: Good skills in music but don’t choose the music career. tuyen chooses to be a doctor to have a confortable life and to contruibute to the society. - 30 Aug 1990 : Youth News, No 100/90 In the school new year, the City Popular Committee praised 254 brilliant pupils In the morning of 29 Aug, in the Independence Palace congress, Mr. Nguyen Van Huan- vice permanent chairman has a speech: “the Committee will work with the Education and Finance Office to define the budget rate invested in brilliant pupils, ofr the development policy”. In the future, the Committee will praise teachers well training brilliant pupils. - 7 Aug 1990 : Youth News: The young life speed. After the enthronization minutes. There are not much news’ pieces congratulating the “wonderful” music of PHAM ngoc tuyen; poems, literature of Ta Nguyen Tan Truong, “queen” in equilibration sport of Bui Khac Quynh Loan…But these talents have a normal life… PHAM ngoc tuyen: With the musical instruments, tuyen is so happy with the long claps. But she intends t be a doctor to be useful for the society and easily living. The money of studying music are over thousand Vietnamese Dongs. tuyen is worrying for her parents. - 30 April 1990 : Youth News Age of liberation In occasion of 15 years of South Vietnam liberation, we introduced young girls born in 1975 that we provisionally called them children of the country having “age of liberation” We try to train and care the force of brilliant young of 15 years old, typically: Nguyen Thi Chau Giang- first city award of literature, Tran Minh Duc- first national award of Russian, PHAM ngoc tuyen- national award in French, first city award and Silver Medal of Vietnamese folkloric music, Nguyen Vuong Kiem Phong- famous in Maths from elementary school, Le Hai Van-first district I award of Russian. 10 years later, in 2000, these young will take all the activities of the society. Our 21st century’s country belongs to them. What did we prepare for 15 years old young today? Nguyen Giao Thuy - 29 April 1990 : Youth News, No 16/90 Age coming into the life. Young don’t want to be failed. The City Children house choosed 200 brilliant pupils on 500. We recognize 3 flowers: PHAM ngoc tuyen: Confident and sustained At the age of 15, tuyen is still small and shy, but don’t confuse, while having music performances. tuyen study also piano and learn other musical instruments by her –self due to TV and radio music shows. - 19 July 1989 : Youth News Example: PHAM ngoc tuyen: The passion in folkloric music About her appearance, we can’t guess her talents. Besides her warm sensibility, high techniques, intelligent treatment, there is a well trained talent. Due to This talent, tuyen overpasses other elders and won the Silver Medal of the national festival. Born in a labor family- father is officer of Power Co., mother is retired- tuyen got a special passion in Vietnamese folkloric music while children at the same age in front of the Nitendo. - 3 June 1990 : TV Children music show “the 2-stringed violin of ngoc tuyen”. Mme. Luong interviewed tuyen’s famous musicien, artist BaTu (her teacher of traditional South Vietnamese music in the 2-stringed violin) - 14 July 1989 :music performances in Idecaf, institute of France and Vietnam cultural exchange in the celebretion of the National Day of France in Vietnam- Solo Violin, Next to my yellow. - 29 June 1989 : PHAM ngoc tuyen- one of the 10 applicants getting scholarships of the “ For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program. Prof.To Vu, deputy director of the Music, Dance Study Institute informed that the work of the Youth News has very great significations that not any organizations do it; the Vietnamese folkloric music is disappeared in the forget, on the scene, bands, is looked down and is not invested, classes are restricted in only some organizations, but its power is still sTrong during generations throughout the festival of Vietnamese folkloric musical instruments, the festival of folkloric music and songs in Mekong Delta provinces in 1988, and national festival of folkloric musical instruments in 1988-89. Not only in This year, but later, the program will realize the responsibility of helping young loving Vietnamese music - 29 June 1989 : “For the future development of Vietnam” scholarship program Final results: 20 youngs skilled in literature and Vietnamese folkloric music Judges’ board including: Prof To Vu (for the place of late Prof. Luu Huu Phuoc ), ngo Van Du, Van Luyen, Ut Trong, choosed 10: the free applicants: PHAM ngoc tuyen(zither, Vietnamese 2-stringed violin) PHAM Thi Thanh Thuy(zither) , the second scene, art school: Tran Thi Huong Giang(singer), Nguyen Van Khoi(singer), ngo Van Loc(singer), Tran Van Cuong(Vietnamese guitare), the city Conservatory: Nguyen Thi hoang Anh(zither), Tran Khanh Tuong(flute), Nguyen Minh Thanh(Vietnamese 2-stringed violin), Vo Huy Quynh Phuong(monocord) - 4 June 1989 : DIPLOMA PHAM ngoc tuyen CULTURAL hoUSE OF DIstrICT I SILVER MEDAL SOLO: ZITHER, VIETNAMESE 2-strINGED VIOLIN AND MONOCORD FESTIVAL OF POPULAR MUSICAL INstrUMENT PERFORMANCES 1988-1989 AWARD COUNCIL HANOI, 4 JUNE 1989 PRESIDENT LEADER BOARD OF FESTIVAL MUSICIEN PHAM DINH SAU CHIEF OF LEADER BOARD (signed) (signed and stamped) - 2 June 1989 : National festival of Vietnamese folkloric musical instruments in the second area in 1988-89: tuyen plays the 2-stringed violin with her brother PHAM Minh Triet, the H’Mong music piece composed by her teacher PHAM ngoc Tien - 10 June 1989 : Youth News National festival of Vietnamese folkloric musical instruments in the second area in 1988-1989 After 3 days of hard competition, the festival closed in the afternoon of 4 June’89 with 7 gold medals, 22 silver medals, 10 congratulation certificates and a lot of congratulation awards. Audience is very surprised with abundant force of 152 music pieces, 20 musical instruments, in the preservation of traditional, folkloric music. Not only old musicien PHAM Viet Tra(district III), Vuong Van Chon (Phu Nhuan)but also Miss Phan Le Chi(10 years old), PHAM ngoc tuyen(12 years old) following the elders to preserve the “old capital”. - 2 June 1989 : Saigon liberation News informs the national festival of Vietnamese musical instruments 1988-1989 in the second area. 18 units joining the festival The festival organized by the Cultural Ministry inaugurates in the morning of 1 June 1986 in the District I Cultural house. More than 400 famous artists, musicians, belonging to 18 units in HCMC and Dong Nai, Tien Giang, Song Be, Gia Lai-Kong Tum…The festival lasts from 1 to 4 June. - 1987 : music contest of songs sang for the children sleeping: Miss Thanh Hien, - songs of the 3 parts of Vietnam, PHAM ngoc tuyen’s violin and zither playing - 16 May 1986 : The City Children house folkloric music band after the TV show registration. From left to right: Miss Phi, Miss Lien(the leader of the band), Mr.Binh, Miss Huong, Miss Thanh Huong, Miss Binh, Miss Phuong, Miss Linh, Miss diem Thanh, Miss Nhu, Miss ngoc tuyen - 16 May 1986 : The City Children house folkloric music band, in the meeting and music night in Duc Tri ‘s house, in the presentation of Prof.Doctor Tran Van Khe, Prof To Vu. - June 1985 : the 3 representative generations in the ceremony of the national festival of the traditional music” in the second area. Right
41 Ba Dinh, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
I'm a classic combination lady with the hub in six values but open-minded with new mordern Solomon Islands rise . I'm witty and humorous, like to create new interesting things for everyday full of cheerful inspiration . I'm artistic musical , photography with , painting , decorating home and designing clothes talents . I'm petite but forceful and active . I like natural beauty without make up, I prefer more than flattery sincere . I'm realist but also romantic person . I'm considerate family oriented, but with various authorization hobbies and many aspires ... I'm very adaptable I live in Vietnam, but sometimes go to overseas . I love travelling around the world explore new countries, new cultures, new architecture, new knowledges ... In my opinion, the lady looks like a flower in varied flowers garden of life . You can easy find many beautiful flowers in Vietnam - it just ordinarily, but the beautiful flowers with fragrance is so rarely and much more seductive !The lady with beauty is not enough - the same a beautiful flower without fragrance, she must be more intelligent, well-educated and has good disposition . Someday when the lady getting workfare, external beauty will be fade but inner beauty ( charming, interesting disposition ) still remain ... I always constant improve on myself become a perfect person ( a knowledgeable lady , a pretty sexy woman, a passionate sweet darling , a trustworthy partner, a warm heart soulmate , a devoted wife ) compared who is my genuine man can be always proud of me, happy beside me forever ...
thanh hoa
38 Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 30 - 50