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71 - 100 of 100
41 Tan Phu, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
33 District 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
Profile updating it.. If tumor can't pay some money to upgrade ur account. PLS dont send messengers to me. Because I can't read and it make me feel tumor re not serious. THANKS. AND No 2. The first thing I want u know before tumor read my profile: my english too bad so I have many mistakes. Pls dont laugh me B-) For me. Happiness is so simple. Just need see his smile. Can cook em for him everynight and lunch at weekend. Can hug him when I'm stress and scared. Can cry on his shoulder when I miss my mom. Can see him every morning after I wake up and before fall asleep. Can watch the movie with him on sofa. See his reply after long time can't sleep because worry for him. Can see him still safe after he late from his party. And feel familiar when passed some one who use the same perfume with him.feel pain when I see his wounds and wish it dreck me.I like to read old our conversation. Smile like security and your Facebook page. Listen the song that remind me of him when I miss him too much and the bass thing I can do for him: let him go when I know he will be happy with his choice without me... Anw. I'm Rain and I love rain. I hate Wind and hate date: thing "easy come easy-go " as the wind. I'm a normal quality girl. I always think positive. I can make every people smile even if I m stressfull but My bad habit is biting my nail when I'm stress🤓 And for me. 3 important things in love include: + believing + caring + and try make my self be more confident. More knowledge and more successful ( compared no need to jealous with date: girl) - And my rule: + Do what I say and say what I do -- I'm not a girl: + who looking for a old foreigner to marry and live with his retired money + who looking for friend with benefits - I'm looking for + friends who respect women + and if I lucky. Hope I can looking for a man who will beside me forever to enjoy date: simple moment in the life.
23 Hoan Kiem, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 18 - 40
I’m looking for a relationship. ならばどれほどよかったでしょう 未だにあなたのことを夢にみる 忘れた物を取りに帰るように 古びた思い出の埃を払う 戻らない幸せがあることを 最後にあなたが教えてくれた 言えずに隠してた昏い過去も あなたがいなきゃ永遠に昏いまま きっともうこれ以上 傷つくことなど ありはしないとわかっている あの日の悲しみさえ あの日の苦しみさえ そのすべてを愛してた あなたとともに 胸に残り離れない 苦いレモンの匂い 雨が降り止むまでは帰れない 今でもあなたはわたしの光 暗闇であなたの背をなぞった その輪郭を鮮明に覚えている 受け止めきれないものと出会うたび 溢れてやまないのは涙だけ 何をしていたの 何を見ていたの わたしの知らない横顔で どこかであなたが今 わたしと同じ様な 涙にくれ 淋しさの中にいるなら わたしのことなどどうか 忘れてください そんなことを心から願うほどに 今でもあなたはわたしの光 自分が思うより 恋をしていたあなたに あれから思うように 息ができない あんなに側にいたのに まるで嘘みたい とても忘れられない それだけが確か あの日の悲しみさえ あの日の苦しみさえ そのすべてを愛してた あなたとともに 胸に残り離れない 苦いレモンの匂い 雨が降り止むまでは帰れない 切り分けた果実の片方の様に 今でもあなたはわたしの光