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27 Thu Duc, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Female 24 - 34
Hi, my name is David. I am looking for someone I can give my love to and share the rest of my life with. I'm an intelligent, kind, and extremely hard working individual. Currently, I live and work full-time in Thu Duc as a teacher and am completing my Master's degree part-time. I am new to online dating and am learning Vietnamese and can speak a little. WORK I taught in the US as a teaching assistant for 3 years and was offered a teaching position at a college upon starting my Master's Degree. I turned the offer down because I wanted to live abroad. I am qualified to teach in my home country. Aside from teaching, I set up my first business in fitness at the age of 23. I did this to help pay for my undergraduate studies and to learn more about how businesses work. My current career goals are to obtain a teaching position at a university after finish my graduate degree. In addition to teaching at a university I would also like to open a second business as well as write novels. EDUCATION I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University's (ASU) Graphic Information Technology (BS) program. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, also via ASU. I manage my own finances and am putting myself through graduate school. I will have my Master's degree completed by 2021 and will have paid off my student loan by 2023 (my undergraduate degree is already paid off). LIFE IN VIETNAM I have been living in Vietnam for 6 months. I currently hold a 2 year work permit and Temporary Resident Card. I will have a driver's license by November. My next goals in Vietnam are to pass the language exam offered for foreigners at Vietnam National University and to successfully apply for a Permanent Resident Card.
51 District 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Hello. I'm Robinson. Nice to meet you. My name is Robinson Master. FB There once was a cloud that met a tree. he was very happy about this She was a very beautiful tree He was a handsome cloud They spent the whole day together. They could talk but not well because he spoke cloudish and she spoke treese nevertheless, they knew that they really liked each other ane soon they fell in love Then, a breeze came along and the cloud was swept away But before he left, he told the tree "It's OK, I'll be back" the next day, the wind changed and he could return. the tree asked the cloud why he went away and where he had gone. the cloud explained that he was a cloud and not a tree and that sometimes clouds have to do what clouds do the tree said to the cloud. "Why don't you stay here with me?" the cloud told her that clouds do not have roots like trees and it's necessary for clouds to be able to be free to go other places. the tree didn't understand this because all she ever knew was what it's like to be a tree. "What do you do when you are away" she asked him "I go to the ocean and gather water.he said. "Then I come back and give this water to other trees like yourself so they can thrive and be nourished" The tree said "Oh, I see. So I'm not the only tree that you visit? "No" said the cloud. "It's my nature to go where the wind sends me and help other trees too." The tree became sad because she wanted to be the clouds only tree. "I'll always return for you" the cloud told her. "But I must be a cloud." "Sometimes" said the cloud, "I have very dark days when I have too much water and I need to release it" "When this happens" he said, "I cannot see you. I become very intense and have to get together with other clouds and create thunder and lightening. It's not very pretty and You would not like me if you saw this side of me." The tree could not understand this because she knew nothing about what it was like to be a cloud. She was a tree and that was all she knew about. She had seen other clouds that were dark and loud with thunder and wanted nothing to do with them. She told the cloud that she did not want him to waste her time. She wanted a cloud or a tree that could be there for her all of the time. "Time?" he asked. Time is relative to the relationship of the situation. He told her "Our time together is like a thread with occasional knots in it. The knot is like a pause on the timeline. When I leave, our time stops and when I return we continue where we left off." This was a very difficult concept for the tree to accept. She loved the tree nevertheless and waited for his return. When they were together, they were always happy and she did not ask him where he had been or which other trees he had watered. And he did not tell her about any other trees or about the times that he was dark and thunderous. They agreed to be a cloud and a tree and they were very happy whenever they were together. The End Hello I'm Robinson Masters Nice to meet you I live in HCMC I have an apartment in District 2. I teach private English from my apartment. . I've only been living in Vietnam for about 2 years I have a company in the US. It is a remodeling company in San Francisco. This is a very good company. It is very small and I make a lot of money, it is difficult for me to live in Vietnam, 100% of the time. So now I will fly back to California to work and make money so I can invest in enterprises in Vietnam . after my businesses in Vietnam becomes successful, I will be able to live full-time in Vietnam. I want to find someone that I really compatible with and who really can understand me and I can understand her and we really love each other. I want to know about you. I'm looking for a serious relationship I hope you will want to meet me.