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54 London, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 25 - 48
.Welcome to my time and space, here you will find chairs are pulled out for you, doors are held open, be it on the car or the building we are entering, I don’t seek to walk in front of you, but with you. Here in this place beside me you will not be judged, nor belittled. You will find you are the center of attention though not made a spectacle. I may be across the room, you will Know I’m there thinking of you, you will find security in the lack of irrational response, you may even become addicted to the intensity of in the way I do things, from simple signs of affection to a long night of romance, its worth doing right. Yes it may seem like this place is a dream, but we live the lives we chose, so chose to live well, be better give it all away, and ride the waves of reciprocation as the universe rewards your selfishlesness with the fulfillment of your dream. Blissful secure romantic love. Such love will be invaluable when we are among the rest of the world, dancing dining spending time on the beach, alone or together with friends it will not matter because we know. Being a writer I have spoke of love, honor, being cherished and the joy in finding the right person, most think that person will bring bliss and contentment they won’t. They will bring the security and trust to a union that allows bliss to come by itself, its not the sole job of a partner in whatever capacity to make you happy. It is their job to love you as best they be honest respectful, seduce you everyday somehow. This is when the bliss factor happens, the Wow you felt when they walked in the room becomes so magnificent you KNOW with are your body and mind this is indeed IT. Have I been there Well yes I was, though I was there alone, delusional in my effort. However I still got to see it feel it and for a while it was indeed real. This is what I am seeking, to build a foundation on that Wow feeling, and build towards the Utopian bliss. The rest of my world is full of marketing, design, numbers, good ones and bad ones. I wear many hats and have many Jobs, but that is where my carrier has led me, I’m le Boss and at the end of the day, if my partner can’t share with me in the good and bad then there’s no point. My world though soft and secure, has no room for a weak spirit, I’m in the business of making ppl feel better, and sometimes the stories are damn sad, please be courageous. Some of my Writing: The skies grew dark while you were gone. The days grew short again, as they always do. Leaving long cold nights with far too much darkness to enjoy alone. I remembered the days when we ached for the long winter slumber, spending days upon days together, never dressing or wishing for company. The attention of the other was substance enough, Literally Living on love. Endless hours of love making, Exhausted moments of blissful slumber tangled in each other’s dreams. Images of those days linger within my aging mind, Success has over taken us, civilized and predictable we have become. Our need for Sustainability over riding our common sense. Our need for Passion placed in the excessive file. Long have I lived in the medium, never on the outside edge of reality. My body once again yearns to live among the blessed blissful enriched members of the few, whom are brave enough to forsake the depths of their ego and embrace what their hearts desire. Forgoing the head. Trusting in fate to save them. Hundreds of ages pass as we live out the tasks we chose. Never knowing the cost of the suffering until we reach the epic pentacle of Bliss that is to be found. Irony is that we never KNOW the power of our unions until they pass, each moment powerful in its own right adding to the inner complexity of the other. Magnified over time and again by more lone suffering. A Quantum equation of inter wound emotions and reasoning forged over eons of living, Each Soul body picking up its own experience, earning its own right to choose the outcome of seemingly endlessly more involved realities. When Did LOVE become so complicated? Again I return to the fact love is the prime emotion, all others are derived from it. When we live within the POWER of LOVE, as LOVE we are at our Most powerful. Be Love.
48 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
57 Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 26 - 43