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65 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Seeking: Female 32 - 52
Please!!!!!! I am not here to chat, do not message "Hello" and say nothing else. Because of the time difference, I probably won't be on the website when you are. If you have nothing to say but want to connect send your interest, I will return it and message you if the feeling is mutual. If I see that someone has an age range my age doesn't match, or I saw they look for an American, Australian or other I usually won't message or send a like, I have no desire to impose or annoy someone who has very specific requirements I do not match but, I also realize that sometimes those requirements change or might not be "cast in stone", I may also be flexible if someone special comes along regardless of my match preferences. The shortest distance to reaching your destination is the one that is most direct. If someone knows what they want, who they want and what they hope for or have expectations of it is far quicker, easier and most successful if it is all clear and honest. It is not a question of what the end goal is, as that is usually quite obvious to anyone who is sincere, honest, and serious about finding someone for that special relationship that lasts for life. However, what does that person all about, what makes them the one, what about that person do you need to be happy and content and willing to go through life's trials and tribulations with? Speak your mind or forever live in regret is my philosophy. I am honest, sincere and do not play games. And, hope you're sincere as well. I don't come on this site to find chat friends, please consider what you are actually looking for before you reply or show interest. I will notice who sends their interest, who messages me and will reply eventually if you aren't a paying member and I also feel interested enough to become a Platinum member. About me, well all I want to say right now is I have spent over 12 years living in Vietnam until 2016. I had a business in Vietnam and travelled throughout Asia and travelled to China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and throughout Vietnam. I was in a relationship with a Vietnamese woman when I was living in Vietnam which failed for various reasons, reasons I'd be willing to talk about with a potential partner once we began getting closer and some trust had developed. What I can say is that the relationship didn't fail from a lack of effort and not trying to make it work. In fact, there was an unforeseen tragedy that altered my entire life did change many things, which is a rather personal story that I perhaps only share with someone that becomes quite close and is someone I would want to share all with. Anything else you want to know about me will be up to you and whether you think I am worth making the effort to get to know me better.
59 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 41
58 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 27 - 49
As an independent entrepreneur, inventor, and musician, I have been an Executive Producer in film, Owned and Operated a Recording Studio/Media Lab, was the Managing Director of a UK Guitar Amplifier Company, Hiwatt - http://www.hiwatt.co.uk/ - and traveled extensively as a touring musician. I hold a issued patent in multiple countries. https://patents.google.com/patent/US9322641B2/en I had stage 4 cancer twice (they gave me many rounds of Chemotherapy, then Stem cell therapy after high dose chemotherapy and then radiation) - treatments from 2016-2020. My wife told me that when they said I wasn't going to make it the first time, she turned "off" as that was her emotional self-defense mechanism. I decided, regardless whether she helped when I was sick,,,,I was going no where....I mean I was going to live damn it!. I had kids that were still young then. Kids to finish raising , ideas like my patent to fulfill and a life to live. It was hard rebuilding myself but I can say I am strong again and am going to be stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. My wife had a death in her family close to her and I did what I could in the fall of 2022 and I helped close down her family farm. There was covid as well and then my father had a stroke on dec 22 2022 and died after a turbulent course of health care in August of this year. Together with the stress of raising kids, it killed our relationship I could not be a cheerleader anymore, so I guess it is no one's fault. I was adopted. I had hoped to have a successful marriage that could last as I didn't want to be like my father who left my mother on her own,. I am half Greek but half English from my Canadian father and then I was adopted as a baby into tough but big-hearted Scotch-Irish Canadian family. I had no brothers and sisters and had to work for my parents form the age of 5 but am grateful because I did not turn into the mush that some of my coddled fellow Candian men have turned into! I am separated but legally still married,,,,with two beautiful children - one boy 16 Thomas and one girl 13 Olivia - whom I support and have good relations. I raised them to be open minded worldly tough and self-reliant so I do not have to be concerned about moving on to another relationship. I know my kids will accept my new lady when she enters my life. I continue to financially support my kids. I am completely loyal to my woman but I hope that we stay young at heart and be prepared to work at our relationship with me for life. I want good times with my companion and hopefully they will want to travel with me and hopefully we can work together on some level. I want this to be the last relationship in my life. I will not judge or be jealous of my companion as we will be starting a new life. I might be interested in living in more than one country but want to keep my home in Canada. I would consider keeping an apartment in another county, including South Korea or the UK, where I used to work until 2020.
60 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 38 - 52
Came across a few scammers in the past. NO money/stocks/bitcoins/gold/SEX talk please. Perpetrators will be reported. I don't need your money so don't ask me for mine. Please have more than one RECENT clear facial and full body length photos of YOU, not someone else or a TV/movie celebrity. Deceiving / embellished / blurry photos / facial mask / no photo / incomplete profile... cannot be trusted... NO RESPONSE. I don't use WeChat, not secure. Must have WhatsApp, Facetime or SKYPE and can speak some English. **** continue reading if you are genuine, sincere and seriously looking for a true relationship **** some music while you're browsing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_-MWKy0jCA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiDiKwbGfIY Chinese Canadian lived in Canada since teenager. Self-employed IT software consultant work in Canada, UK and the USA. Well mannered, educated and traveled. Speak fluent English, Chinese(Cantonese/Mandarin), some Spanish. Proud father of a lovely independent daughter. Love life, discipline yet free spirited, like living life to its fullest. Not religious, but respect all religion. Healthy and balanced lifestyle. More city than country living. More coffee than tea. Best of East meets West. Avid golfer and tennis player. Enjoy the outdoors, photography, traveling, hiking, cycling, swimming, sailing and alpine skiing. Love sunshine, sand, sea, water. Traveler... 20+ countries, suitcase traveler not backpack. Love Asia and Europe... climate, scenery, culture, food, art, music, history, architecture, fashion, car. Like weekend getaways, golf and wine tasting. Foodie... Chinese dim sum, Japanese sushi, Spanish tapas, Italian pasta, French pastry, from street food to michelin star, not a vegan, not a picky eater. Enjoy cooking, going to local farmers market on the weekends, a glass of Cabernet/Merlot/Pinot Noir on the weekend. Enjoy a pint of draft beer with wings and pizza on the outdoor patio on a sunny day. Music... like all genres of music, except rap and heavy metal. Not big on karaoke. Enjoy live musicals... Les miserables, Phantom of the opera, the Lion king, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia, etc. Movies... like Sci-Fi, action, suspense, mystery, thriller, comedy, drama and yes I'll even watch the chick flicks with you. Volunteering in my spare time. It is necessary to give back to society and protect the environment.