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34 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 29
I'm a typical Toronto guy, now traveling all over the North America as an entrepreneur in the tech field. I'm extremely spontaneous, fun and easy going. Love trying anything new, and love traveling the world. I'll try to avoid bad situations whenever possible and always seem to find the good in any given situation. I love to get along with everyone and always have a good time. Love love LOVE being on the water. I've lived near water my entire life, so obviously fishing and beaches rock my world. I've lived all over the city and still have so much I'd love to see. I come from a large and loud traditional Chinese family, whom are extremely important to me, and a lot to handle all at once. I am always up for an adventure and some fun. Love everything from all night afterhours parties to deep sea fishing for trophy marlins to high stakes gambling in Vegas. I don't believe anyone should ever expect anything less than an incredible life, with an abundance of happiness. People who openly make fun of other people to make themselves feel better bore me. Negative people bore me even more. I find more enjoyment from house music than I could probably ever explain. I'm not a big God believer, but I'm quite certain he has a pair of 1200's and a mixer with a few crates in his basement. I adore people who don't take themselves too seriously but get annoyed with people who don't know when to be serious. If you truly know how to show respect then you've really got my attention. There's nothing sexier than a girl who shows "confidence" by making the first move. If you post pictures that scream attention whore then we probably have nothing in common, but I love those that show subtle sex appeal without having to flaunt it. I'm a far cry from the person I'm assumed to be, and I like to consider that a good quality. If I haven't responded to your message, don't take it personally. It just takes some time to go through all my messages, or I'm trying to keep up with all the back and forth messaging. Simply message me again if I'm taking too long. I don't judge a person by their looks. Different is always good. Keep me laughing and smiling, don't be afraid to reveal your true soul, and I'll have no complaints. Style, refinement and a great sense of humor gain extra points! Public Service Announcement: You don't need to tell the world that... I like hanging out with friends: Everyone likes hanging out with their friends. Try using your profile to talk about what makes you different from the rest of your gender. I hate drama: Normal people just don't need to say this. Anyone who broadcasts to the world that they hate drama is really saying they're a drama magnet. Why you are on Vietnam Cupid: Yeah, we get it, you're too cool for the internet. You're only on here because of your sister/best friend/cat made you sign up...
50 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 31 - 45
I'm not a man that can do a long distance relationship so I feel I'm looking for someone already in Canada. I lived in China for 9 years, never got married, never had kids, so I know a little about living in a foreign country. I like learning things, and discussing things, not to argue, but to understand. I work long hours and fairly hard, but it seems silly to do so much for no special reason, doesn't it? I read books and political stuff online, and enjoy movies, but don't watch TV. I can be a little rough, but will always treat someone I love with respect. Reportedly, the three most predictive questions for long term relationship potential, and my answers for each, would be: I don't like horror movies, I have traveled around another country alone and I can definitely imagine chucking it all and going to live on a sailboat. For what it's worth, I prefer people in my life to be simple, but I try to accept people as they are. Make of that what you will. I've been a soldier, pilot, student, university lecturer, rancher and writer. Been to a lot of countries, crashed motorcycles in several of them. That's good you like travel, I like travel too and will never ask you to go with me on a bike trip, we can do normal tourist stuff together instead. Your job, income and education don't matter to me, except that you're fairly happy with them. I'm equally comfortable giving a speech to 2000 people or reading comic books in a coffee shop on a rainy Sunday afternoon with you. You should be healthy, happy and financially stable. I lived in China for almost 9 years, much of it rural, I can accept pretty near any kind of food but have some preferences. I'm not big on chatting online, let's just meet and see how the conversation goes. I am pleasant to be around, can tell a story or joke, and carry on a conversation on a variety of topics. I'm fairly handy and enjoy fixing up your house. I'd rather drive, and if it's good weather we can take my motorcycle. I enjoy new activities, so if there's something you wanted to try but were shy to go alone, I'm all in.