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66 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 34 - 60
PAST CONDITIONING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO MAKE LOVE IN WHATSAPP DON'T WRITE ME? I am looking for a lesbian wife. If you are not lesbian I will block you. I am looking for a lesbian doctor from holguin cuba of 31 Amos who worked on a chalkboard for 12 Delaware's the month with another lesbian named Janet. I want you to have the freedom to be like you are. I want you to have magic and purpose in everything you do and say. I want you to understand the benefits of sensual touch. I want you not to be afraid of our relationship. Fear is connected to stress. 85% of diseases are caused by stress. I want you to have ectasia and fullness. Our God is in us wanting to be born I want you to overcome rejection. I want you to be grateful for all your inner and outer beauty. I want you to be visible in my thoughts. I want you to be your best me. I want you to know your deepest desires. I'm going to write a list of the things I want in my Latin wife. I know it is very demanding because it is personality. I am myself. I can fulfill all the things on my list except I don't have a big pechonality. Haja Write me every number you can't please and if you can fulfill all your you are my twin and we will be in love. 1. Self-love . A woman with self-love is never jealous. Finish every sentence I can... simple tell me 10 I have... I Am .... 15 I love the devil... 1 I love god. 10 Love is important parmi because... 10 Is sex is important because.... 10 I love my work because... 10 I love rejections because... 10 the world is better because there is less... 10 the world is better because there are more... 10 THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS ARE...10 I NEED THE MONEY BECAUSE... 10 IS VERY BAD MONEY BECAUSE... 10 I LIKE MY PORQQUE DEFECTS.... 10 I PRAY THE TECHNOLGIA BECAUSE... 10 I LOVE THE TECHNOLGIA BECAUSE... 10 I'M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING BECAUSE... 10 I LIKE SUFRIFIR AND OVERCOME SOMETHING BECAUSE.... 10 THE BEST PORNO IS....10 THE VERY BAD PORNO BECAUSE.... 10 YOU DON'T LIKE OR LIKE THE PELICULAR OF FEAR BECAUSE ... 10 I AM THE MOST POPULAR PERSON ON THIS PAGE IS.... 10 AS A HEALTHY FOOD AND DRINK AS.... 10 I LOVE SINGING BECAUSE... 10 YOU LIKE TO WRITE ASI BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL... 10 I LIKE MY AGE BECAUSE...10 I CAN FORGIVE BECAUSE... 10 I HAVE A LOT IN COMUN LIKE... 10 THOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ME... 10 YOU WANT TO MAKE LOVE ONLINE... 5 MAKING LOVE ONLINE IS ACQUEROSO BECAUSE... 10 I LIKE PROFILE BECAUSE IT IS.... 10 IT IS GOOD TO FORGET THE PAST BECAUSE... 10 2. The force of will. If you have willpower you can do everything. Don't give up. After using your willpower you're going to do fantastic things. When you look at these things you're going to decide te , Wowwe see that I invented how I'm going to change the world. And you're going to have the highest love than the highest mountain in the world. 4. Communications. If you can't communicate you won't be able to say I love you and you'll never have a husband , and you're going to drown alone in your sadness and maybe you're going to try to kill you. When you write to me if and there are 15 minutes more between the tell phrases that you are going to do before the silence. It is so easy and hardly anyone is doing it. Why? I don't understand why you tell me and tell me. Every time I have to say, about what? I live with a naturalist and a day I fell a very small piece of bee pollen. He said, because there is a third piece of bee pollen on the ladder? I couldn't see it. It was so small and leapper in the trash. This is communications to the fullest of freedom. 5. Excellent health. Eating healthy food makes different sports like sex , using your mind, and learning new things like using different positions when you make love. And I want a woman who wants to make love every day. 6. A woman who loves her life and is not afraid of anything You are not afraid of fire. You are the fire. 7. A smart woman. If you're going to have a relationship with me. Because the most important thing in a relationship is happiness and I was a professor of happiness. 8. A sexy body and I'm talking here about the brain as well. I like a very big pechonality. And when I tell you what your measurements are like Breasts Waist Buttocks the waist is more important because with your willpower you can be on a diet If you don't want to give me your measurements it means you're not proud of yourself especially your mind. 9. Believing God is new to me. I have had so many miracles in my life especially lately that God is very important. In the future God is going to be number 1 on my list. 10. An extroverted woman. I am very extroverted but when someone tells me to shut up sometimes I hear for more than an hour without saying a word. It's comic. 11. A comic woman 12. A woman who almost does not have stress 13. A woman who likes to sing though her voice is terrible. 14. A woman who is going to move from a dangerous city with pollution. 15. A woman who knows the benefits of gratification. A woman who has patience for a bigger reward in the future. 16. Forgive how God did for us. My dad raped my 2 sisters for years. My dad was never loved and never loved someone in his life. His parents died when he was 2 years old. In Japan a man raped him and my dad was tortured for 4 years in Japan. I forgive my dad and I was free. I said if I had been my father's father had to love him for freedom. 17. A woman who has no means of rejections. 18. A woman who can solve her problems quickly without stress. 19. A woman who is never angry. 20. A woman who does not regret at all. 21. He is never worried. When someone is concerned thinks something bad is going to happen and really something negative happens 85% of the time. The truth is that there are times there is something better God. 22. A woman who takes well with all the people and with your friends or friends. 23. The least important thing is money because I will share my money with you when I talk face to face. 24. A faithful and honest woman. 25. A woman who inspires and motivates people. 26. A woman who accepts support and help is intelligent. 27. A woman I think is these phrases Want it to be able Not to give you a solution There Is Always No good for not coming. Everything happens for a reason 28. A woman who does things every ten that no one does. 29. A woman who likes to dance and sing as my friend woman in the world as Gley. 30. A woman who has suffered a lot and is successful in overcoming all her problems. Thanks to suffering she is happier as ever with more compassion than anyone on this page. 32. A woman who does not like scary movies that causes sickness although it is not real You are so beautiful that your popo, your caca is perfume. Number 1 to 4 is in order only.
59 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 99