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Thu Thuy
39 Tu Liem, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 34 - 48
Marital Status: Divorced
I love Jesus and be grateful about everything i have. Love singing and playing piano. I like doing business and teaching. I respect family life. Chuyện năm cũ sắp qua. Happy New Year! Mẹ kể con nghe chuyện năm cũ sắp qua Chuyện cả nhà ta cùng đi Vườn hái quả Chuyện chú dế mèn, mẹ con cười lắc lẻ Chuyện săn côn trùng, ong cắn khóc lu loa! Mẹ kể con nghe chuyện trên biển hoàng hôn Mẹ dắt tay con chạy đùa trêu con sóng Con hát, con nô, mẹ ngẩn ngơ ngắm biển... Con xây lâu đài, cho...ba mẹ vào trong! Mẹ kể con nghe chuyện hát rong đường phố Đêm tối Bờ Hồ đàn trống hát sô lô Gặp Tây ba lô, chào hê lô mời hát Xúm xít người qua, người lại đứng hoan hô... Mẹ kể con nghe chuyện mất mát, đau thương Lúc nóng, lúc ương, làm tổn thương nguời khác Lúc dại, lúc khờ, mẹ, ba ngồi hối tiếc Năm mới sang rồi, thôi vứt hết vấn vương! Trỗi dậy đi thôi, làm người mới, con ơi Tương lai rạng ngời, đang mỉm cười phía trước Bởi ý Trời là: ta phải làm nguồn phước Biến những nỗi đau thành hạnh phúc cho đời... Thu Thủy viết Hà Nội ngày 30/12/2016 THƠ THẨN: Tái Sinh Năm mới sang: Ta ôn lại nỗi đau Vết thương lòng rỉ máu Ta cầu Thần An Ủi Xóa tủi hận, u sầu Ta bóp nát đắng cay Ta xéo giày thất vọng Ta băm vằm ích kỷ! Đuổi chán nản đêm ngày! Ta ca ngợi Tạo Hóa... Sự Sáng sống trong ta, Ta chống lại bóng tối Đuổi Cái Ác lui xa! Ta thứ tha mãi mãi Ta chúc phước thật lòng Ta miệt mài ban tặng Ta CHẮC CHẮN THÀNH CÔNG! Thu Thủy Hà Nội ngày 1/1/2017
44 District 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
Marital Status: Divorced
Please take time (big not waste your and my time) read what I write about myself and my soulmate dreamed/spouse before sending me a message. I'm a young lady who learns nonstop/practices/corrects my own personalities towards 3 noble values: Morality, Wisdom, Effort to think/do the right, not think/by the wrong, and to eliminate toxic 3 characters which are: him!, hatred, ignorance and ego corp. as best as I can print every even minuteswebsite of my thought/-/doing. My two biggest taboos are being treated rudely/cruelly and/or being betrayed. Thus, big deserve with my dreamed qualified noble future spouse, under even miserable circumstance, I've been remaining a loyal, noble, respectful myself and others, elegant, tolerant, merciful, sweet, warm, nice and kind-hearted, loving, honest young lady. I have a gentle look and body shape with good taste in grooming, compared anytime I go out with a gentleman, you can be assure that I'm nice, polite, charming and gentle lady enough to save face for my loving man. I've been practicing cealessly improve big my qualities everyday not only print big regards personalities, three above mentioned noble values but also print big regards health of physical body but also soul and mind. I have a quite safe organised SVN repository enough for me and my kids to live in Vietnam but if you wish to offer me passionate love, happy is and residency in your desired without out of Vietnam, yes I would be happy to accept your offer as long as your finance is good enough in order to support/provide myself and my two children (living accommodations, and education), and as long as you can consider my children as your own kids. I'm about to become safe international yoga coach print Sep. By 2019 so I hope I can have security useful work for the people/community/ without where I live. Thanks to practicing yoga and meditation for years, I've been younger than my age with a quite good mindfulness and pleasant personalities. Thank you for your patient reading :-)
53 Binh Thanh, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 40 - 65
Marital Status: Divorced
First of all, I would like to say video chat only if you're serious, don't give me your un-retouched photograph by writting mails only everyday without chatting or video chatting. Sorry about that but it's my truth and you need to understand. If you're real person and you really look like what you are in your photos, nothing to scared of showing me your face on orange. Read carefully, if you can do it and agree about that then continue to read. My English is a Sarah, I'm over 40 years old but most people as well as my friends told me that I'm still nice, young and lovely. I also agree about that but I won't take this compliment to be my confidence because I'm very modest, friendly, gentle, sweet, easy going, humorous, honest, considerate, hard working, simple and love kids. I love watching romantic movies, singing 2 folk projects called Songs, especially traveling and cooking. It's my pleasure to meet handsome, kind and gentlemen around the world. A man can understand me, romantic, friendly, honest, faithful. A person can live and be with me until the end of life and fozzie a new happy family in the future, that's enough. I'm a decent woman than I'm very shy when talk about sex or naughty things when we chat rooms, I need to find a decent and serious man and then we can get to know about good things in life, not a kind of person exploit or cheat to see me naked on camera. I won't do that. So don't send me security interest or contact me if you have that idea or want that. I also hate scammers who ask me for sending money because I've met a lot of them before, so don't contact me because of money or cheating. VIDEO chat only again !



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