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32 Hai Ba Trung, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
There is no bad woman......there is only the woman does not know beauty without fai ....becasue who wants beauty, here I want to talk about more meaning, various aspects, each one its own understanding of it ♥ ... I may not fair to the people around but I always just beautiful in the eyes of their ♥ yt ... Beautiful high surface no need to power you do not need your arrogance, desert pearl ivory superficial pageantry, which important beauty of women can show in seduction of the human soul and think ....becasue of course man is proud to walk with a gorgeous! Here is a form of each soul ♥ . And looks just do attract at the beginning of the eyes and soul beauty is forever deposits over time and the rest of my life to explore ♥..... women rated higher in xh today I was a woman who has a combination of modern and classic with a little bit of language, conduct until way to show the beauty of their own..... Don't live right with old age, not too old, children must have kids, depending on circumstances, time always change and to reinvent ourselves, to Gently, gently, need tough, keep strong-willed, need strong, powerful....but never forget the autonomy! Bold ♥ always in thinking, bold commitments in action, but never h forget the sweet - it was one of the most beautiful of the woman♥ Follow me, a woman determination is also very exciting. :) ♥ it is difficult to explain the glamourous mystery of a women... ♥ Affordable today I need repeat saying "Good girl rarely make history?" - Right! Sometimes need to "naughty" a little boy, huh! :))♥ .............women do not love myself and could not make me happy to others. woman did not know love myself cannot force someone else to fall in love with you. Despite what you always in a state of the most beautiful, Best, best can people whether they love you to where can love unconditionally forever. woman to love always keep the autonomy in life. They did not depend, no vitality which they do, suddenly fall if the fulcrum falling, not lose everything if "All" from them out of the way! Women are more valuable to pursue, there are a lot of purpose, there are a lot of different happy. So they easily stood up than if you have to! Women are to be in love, so never because who accept destroy themselves man ... Wrote by : Helen Nguyen ♥
thuy tien
29 Hai Ba Trung, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 25 - 39
I am now a single mother live with small girls and my mother tongue in Hanoi.my job every day to work sometimes meet friends talk about pv and cs right back home with her daughter because cs marriage not see the whole my husband not good so i accept broke up with you out in start a new life.However youth but I have been living and execute circle responsible for the mother of my wife as another woman.everything from money children cleaned house I own hands of the ex-husband also together The economy with me but perhaps life from a young age do not know suffering so to share that information is not.Marriage I was through the unhappiness that woman nư suffered the day your mother out is my husband and in-laws off no mercy.But maybe I was a girl who strength by not good memories of marriage, I carried the day and her daughter my lovely that I really as trying to.It feels like I have fallen tears, but instead I always laugh change appearance outside The new man to all see me not collapse I can stand on their own feet to greatest hope is my daughter's warm hp no as other children.Tears rolled maybe only when night about looked at her little girl I carried away from those months now is babble practicing.moments like that I just regret ourselves didn't pick the right husband for the good father,then I wish now at this man sitting with me to share the story every night wish my daughter a good sleep i This is a girl away from the outside I simply,honestly in my marriage life because I own not all of us when you take your husband who would like to meet people who love at but sincerity and love for each other for gd is true.a thoughtful people see your mind a little know each other a little hanging was gd hp, do not need any more than this.Cs nobody is perfect but when love and to live are two different story we should love to know the bad guys look at them mild is what it nicely.



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