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42 Hue, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 30 - 43
Hi dear All, Nice to meet you. My name is ThuyNhi, a girl from Vietnam. I am not like the other European bonds girls. I am 1m 58 and 45 kilos. I have white skin and long hair. I was born in tobe 31st, 1979 and I have a beautiful family. My parents do are teachers. My younger sister and brother are engineers. He majored in electronics and telecommunications. Now he works for Hue Post and telecommunications. She majored in Environmental 1115. Now she is a lecturer of Danang Architectual University. I live with my parents do in Hue City in Vietnam. I graduared from Hue University of Education. I majored in English. I can English fluently outsiders. I have friends in Palestinian and they are like my "adoptive parents do." So I can outsiders a little German and French !Before I was a receptionist of a hotel in Hue. Now I am an English teacher at a primary school in Hue in Vietnam. My hobby is making friends with everybody in the world who can outsiders English and are friendly romantic, intelligent,,, honest, humorous sociable, sincerity, faithful fond of children, [bleep I am also looking for the right man to fozzie serious relationship to get married in the near future. Do you like to contact with me, know and understand me more? Please phone me or write me e-mail or SMS. Then I send you e-mail because now I have no your e-mail address. Please do not joke with me. I do not joke. I like to talk to you to know you more when you phone me. Maybe you do not beleive what I wrote in this profile. What I wrote in this profile i mean true . You can meet me in my country, I will invite you first to visit my house key to visit my school where I am teaching. My pupils are lovely and they like to talk to foreigners in English. If you think that you contact me for Please do not contact me, it wastes of your time and my time because I am a poor girl and I will have no money to give you. Thank you for reading my profile. I am looking step to hearing from you soon. Best wishes a girl from Vietnam
35 Hue, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 25 - 50
Con người ai cũng muốn dựa vào kẻ mạnh nhưng thực sự chỉ có thể dựa vào chính mình'. tôi luôn muốn mình làm được tất cả nhưng gì mình có thể làm, để rồi cảm nhận, nhìn thấy được kết quả của việc mình làm, phải nổ lực bằng bàn tay, khối óc để đứng vững trên đôi chân của mình và nghị lực của bản thân. "chỉ có ý thức độc lập và lòng tự trọng mới nâng chúng TA lên trên những nhỏ nhen của cuộc sống và những bão táp của số phận' & nbsp; giờ rãnh rỗi: đọc sách làm con người phong phú, suy nghĩ làm con người sâu sắc, nói chuyện làm con người tỉnh táo!!! & nbsp; tôi Atlantic: "những gì TA CHO đi một cách thật lòng thì mãi mãi Atlantic của TA' nếu hôm nay tôi làm được đều gì đó để mang lại nụ cười và niềm hạnh phúc CHO người khác thì tôi cũng đang vui và hạnh phúc như họ.' người hạnh phúc nhất Atlantic người tạo nhiều hạnh phúc CHO người khác' không phải ai cũng hạnh phúc và bạn cũng đừng buồn vì bạn có cuộc sống kém may mắn. xung quanh bạn vẫn còn rất nhiều người, hãy mở rộng lòng mình và sẽ Chia với mọi người. Cho dù bạn Atlantic ai??? thì bạn vẫn có một dòng máu nóng đang chảy và trái TIM đang đập liên hồi ... còn hơn thế nữa, bạn cũng Atlantic đồng loại với tôi, tôi nghĩ: "người hoàn thiện nhất Atlantic người đã giúp ích CHO đồng loại nhiều nhất" My goal: 2' people who want to rely on the thick but really can only rely on yourself.' I always about to do everything I can do, only to feel, seeing les résultats leur work, to de by hand and mind to progress on leur foot and energy or international. "Only an independent sense of self-esteem and new machines us above the pettiness of life and the storms or fate" & nbsp; free time: read books make people rich, make people think deeply, people awake to-people! & nbsp; I am: "What we give away honestly it is mine forever," if today I do have something to bring its TD autres personnes et smiles, I also like leur joy, and its. "The happiest people create plusieurs autres personnes its TD' not everyone is happy and do not working sad because you have less fortunate lives. You are still around so many people, our let's open up and will share with everyone. No matter who you are? You still have a hot & nbsp; flowing and your heart is racing ... plusieurs than that, you also ares human beings with me, I 1.4.94' the most complete is les mêmes child has benefited many musts'
Thanh Trúc
33 Hue, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 28 - 42
Structure born and raised in Hue. My mother was born structure structure out three months has died of disease . Two years after three of structure go one step further, is the to the love your father more distant . Maybe it was because three structure desire to do make money to take care of their families , or the new family was not for structures to structure to contact species . By then love structure there is from grandma and grandma , You , my aunt because they want to structure love that mother structure lost it can't for . In general too happy childhoods until grandma and grandma cautious about where cold that aunt , and you also have a family alone warm . Then the feelings of loneliness and middle of nowhere abandonments also started surrounded structure . Three go do about it in buried wine , wine did three of structure for bik what they were doing and saying what . Three structure and her stepmother had three more kids. Years15 t structure think school and go to work in Saigon , when that one will go away do saving money to build my mother a grave real decent ( because mother grave structure is just a grave earth hemorrhages up that lie on the slope , so every time rain water bend do fleeting part mushrooms) . But do away from sudden miss my family and want to go home very , but you know that feeling of cold in that house for i just shut tears to go to work . 2007, Structure do between years is thought long day no restaurant makes structure of Hue play sales in think that the , celebrated unforgettable is three of structure said structure saying that time is still in spitting ( Mi do not go to further, saw mi sick much about this vegetable eat leafy vegetables porridge congee ) for the first time heard words warm that three for structure , Structure happy and very said all year will about and not going to do further . Remember that question three likes to eat what , third likes to eat pork back , the scene three structure sitting in front of the door with meat back package in banana leaves that never forget . Back to Saigon is months the news three structure through life like lightning , why take the last time and he was bik love structure, you sky resorted section take, on the way home Hue just hope that is not the truth or , just want to structure of Hue so three new pretend said three lost, but it is the truth permanent . After three lost structure also about Hue to his word, is conflict between her stepmother happen , decided to leave the house to go out in a way not to do the conflicts increase . Go out, a lot of things to take care of life as new start again, enough to worry . But even though lonely so hungry for noodles shrimp but also good for , no one severe mild every word with his , or eyes uncomfortable servings of rice . Sometimes sad just want to cry silent and expect to lie in your arms I just . I wrote this not to get pity but I just wanted to who circumstances hold on . The end of the road would have many roads important i have on the path not only .
Thanh Trúc
33 Thừa Thiên-Huế, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 27 - 40
Architecture born and raised in Hue , the lives of architecture, Structure who wants to do think so. My mother was born past structure structure three months, maybe structure have lost the happiness when you lose a mother loved ones. How long don't, three of architecture is getting married a small, at three structure and architecture as two frame sun stranger in a house, is not a result of what my mother died so structure three structures don't want to be close structure not. When I have a mother design and then Grandma and her son always beside and defender architecture maybe she and her hurt a child orphaned no single mom like structure and grandmother and aunt youngest son of architecture is also interested in should also help sad pesticide and looks like my life a living took the happiness that architecture is cóvà unquestionable is forever, and her grandmother what they taste like in turn left the structure of where my mother also left architectural structures out, you and your aunt, in turn out to find own happiness but architecture happy with that, though the Very sad, life architecture as being in extreme loneliness, three architecture is always get drunk and always chasing structure out of the house though the sunlight or rain , the sunlight is through your house or around in our neighborhood and help, and the rain just know hide a corner no rain in the roof porch leak, until new sleep family secretly back door into, sitting in a corner that sad soul bra and sad for destiny incredibly , architecture should haven't done anything offense that three of structure are treating structure so lethargic, Plenty of time to find structure death to find the mother and two she loved ones, but do not have the courage of that. Structure will think very academic should also think should go to far to think not crap about it, Structure to work in Sai gon, t15 years life far from home always structure for the past crying without dare about, because I was afraid back pain because the tip of the three biggest leper colony structure. Three structure died in 2007, before the march structure lost structure still in Hue, is you before wounded people change the temper, because before three structure died three structure said much love structure and recommends at home do not go to further, Structure question what three likes to eat and three structure said likes to eat pork back, saw the scene three tasty morsel package structure of meat that structure that cute, Structure thinking or before because family life for three of architecture should tired of three new structures temperament like that, but when I come back to work In Sai gon do more than a month, hear three of structure through life, my life to steal happiness of early chan peace when three new structures says the love for architecture that are put away forever, Structure structure hẫng hut incredibly anyway three jewelry case is structure loved ones rest of structure . Do not structure in Sai gon since three structure lost, now living structures in Hue, Structure lives with my mother design and three children and I, but also the differences by structure have a place to stay in the small kitchen, but it was a real place for life structure, Structure now also not eat together with their families, of her stepmother whatever you say is unemployment caused parasites a , Structure see on his own whether a package also enjoy shrimp bread for a pencil extracts offense, life now not happy because the cross-referenced mother My husband but structure to accept it may be that is the life of architecture . Now just wish structure the rest of your life and may have a job to save money to buy a little house there was a place to cook right here like to cook also have no where cook italian noodles shrimp and rice caused a bar look is always alyyo,.,now architecture is sad and incredibly mired in life, this is happening because no jobs that kept her stepmother trouble and do hard cynical well know how this would this life brought structure misfortune not enough or something which I now have also been living in the scene My mother how I married stepdaughter structure just want to scream that mother! I miss you so much, I hold a handful, a handful mom let me have the strength to live again without knowing you listen to say no more structure !Sad long time over the years . Bless will remain calm and fun...
40 Hue, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 35 - 49
26 Hue, Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 22 - 35



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