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Hồ Chí Minh


District 10

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Fun Monkey
40 District 10, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 32 - 39
Firstly I didn’t want to write long profile, I thought that let it for conversation. Then I changed my mind. This long profile will help us not to waste the time, and clearly understand what we expect. So, welcome to my very long profile. I’m Vietnamese. I was born in 1981. I worked as office worker and teacher. I’m well educated, patient, polite, sweet, kind, fun, positive, confident, and a good listener and a care taker. I’m not a center of crowd or universe, but I’m a star of someone. Someone asked me if I had any problem why I was in this site, I looked so happy in my photos. Yeah, I am happy, and I find someone also happy and positive. If you are negative, SORRY. By the way, if we have chance, you will see my photos, don’t ask me before you talk to me and understand me. Communication and understanding are important for a long and happy relationship and married life. So be friends, communicate and understand together first! Then, we can and we should meet. I can fix and make many things, such as my bookshelf – my design, I sew myself bed sheet, lazy pillow, tent for my nieces and nephew, I also can fix electricity… It doesn’t mean that my future husband doesn’t need to know how to fix anything at our home. Just means he doesn’t need to be worry if he leaves me alone for his work. He should do what a husband should do when he’s at home, outside, with his wife. I can cook well, but I want that I and my future husband cook together. And he can cook himself for me and our kids something delicious when I’m not well – it’s important. Of course, he doesn’t have to be a chef, but if he is, it’s great, I love tasting many kinds of delicious dishes. :-* I don’t really like sport, but I did what a real fan did when my friends/ colleagues played, and I watched football with my father when he watched alone. So I will be a real fan of my future husband and my kids if they play sport, even I don’t really understand, SORRY but it’s true. And I hope they can walk around the park/ pavement with me, sometimes it takes hours ;) I’m looking for a partner to share amazing experiences with. I enjoy the life. I’m very curious, and pretty adventurous. I love to explore new parts of the world with my future husband, hand in hand together sitting on the top of a mountain or on a nice beach – it’s wonderful. I love the mountain, the island, the field, the beach, the ocean. I love all about water such as rain, waterfall, river, sea,… but I can’t swim  I don’t know how to swim, so it’s better if my future husband can swim :* I’ve been in Cambodia, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Singapore, Russia. When I came to Singapore, there were many foreigners from all over the world there, I felt like “step into the world”. I enjoy traveling so much. All my money was spent for this hobby. One day I will travel to other countries, and my honey moon will be in Europe ;) I traveled to many areas of Vietnam, if you want me to spend time with you to travel around Vietnam again, my pleasure. I’ve been a tourist and also a backpacker. I feel more confident in formal dress and more comfortable in casual clothes. I’ve been in luxury restaurants, café, shops, and I also feel interested in street food. I’ve stayed in the resort, luxury hotel, and I’ve slept on a couch, too. I look young. Some western males and females guessed that I was about 22-27. I couldn’t guess their age correctly, too. They look not young as their age. I do not make up. If necessary, it’s ok. And someone will be surprise a lot ;) I know it’s difficult to find a good job in other country with Vietnamese woman. So I’m ready to stay at home and take care my future family as I can. I will be a wife, not a doll. Remember that! If my future husband has his own business, I love to work with him. The last one about me I want to share: I’m an Aquarius. And it's said that "Knock the door, it will be opened", so just do it and be patient! Hope you all who are serious will find out your ideal life partner soon!
43 District 10, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 36 - 50



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