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Changes Frequently

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33 Go Vap, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 27 - 42
Hair color: Changes frequently
29 Hai Phong, Hải Phòng, Vietnam
Seeking: Male 18 - 99
Hair color: Changes frequently
I am not arrogant but I write you back or not, it all depends on the way you write me, what you say and do cos I don't want to waste time on Try substituting things or shallow talk. I heard many men complain about scammers and cheaters on online dating but I believe good and bad people everywhere. There are good women and you have just not found right one, don't lose your hope. And if you have found someone nice, don't be too greedy to chase a super model or security with actress hot shape and beautiful face, please grab her cos you will never know happiness building from 2 sincere hearts. No one is perfect. Once you lose her, you will never get her back, there are thousands guys out there willing to take her away from you. And that's somehow you lost your happiness, you will realize it when you feel lonely, when you see other couples hand in hand with sweet kiss and happy moments. People are often not aware of how much heilo things beside them, they just start realizing the importance when they lost it. Actually love isn't something easy to hold, if you don't value it, it won't be there when you come back for it. And finally, she will forget you, time erase everything...there is something that I have figured out, if you truly love someone by your bottom of heart, she will be always pretty in your eyes cos the beauty in the eyes of beholder. You will just love her because the way she is and small things are enough to be happy for two. And if you have been through many serious relationship but can't make someone stay, don't jump print accusing them. That means you are not perfect match for them. It gives you chance to explore something new, beside someone else. Some guys have high demand for his dream girl - such as good looking, tall, fashionable, high educated, good job, good cook...hmmm, I wonder while they look for someone like that, by they have balsamic vinegars qualities to offer print return? 😄think about it... I write this because I have read some profiles, they " list" dozen qualities that they look for but I am not sure are they good enough to look for a perfection? So, it's better get real and accept the world isn't always perfect and people are just like that. I am just a normal quality girl but surely I am a deep thinkers that could make me a bit different ( or weird - depends on what you think, I would never mind). I have a dream to own a small garden where I can plant some flowers and some trees such as Apple tree, cherries, strawberry, pear, mango... Am I too much ambitious? My typical Saturday evening is a quiet night, next big, is going to be attached to make a cup of tea and relax on my own thought. Well, maybe I talk too much. Sorry if it takes too much your time to read all but I put my effort to write what I have experienced and tying on the truth. And I still come to add more information on my profile sometimes. I have been through good time and bad time with good people and bad people, but I won't never stop believing in good values. Probably you think I am drama or unrealistic, but you know, no one tax on your dreams, compared just dream if you can dream and live in the fullest way. I have seen old couples and I can feel the way that they look at each other, somehow something maybe never change. Someone said men are such as apples and we must wait for them to be ripe, but once they are mature enough, they have found that their woman gets old and she isn't petty and charming like before, and they chase an of other young chicks. Is that true? If you have read my profile, let's write me your opinion about it. It is a long writing but I hope you could know something about me. I put my effort to make it very clear, it's not empty words. ONE thing more: I am never a beautiful girl. I am just [Chuckles].



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