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67 Kahului, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 31
Tôi muốn tôn trọng bạn như là một người phụ nữ và tôn trọng văn hóa của bạn Tôi đang tìm kiếm một người bạn đời. Tôi là người chậm chạp, và rất cẩn thận lựa chọn bạn đời. Tôi cần phải có 100% thoải mái trong việc đưa tâm trí, trái tim và cơ thể của tôi với cô ấy Và đó cần có thời gian. Very well educated and well read...open minded, fun, easy going, peaceful... .I am seriously seeking a lady..that is thin, plays sports and enjoys living a healthy life A gentle breeze moves me slowly through calm water... Have removed penpal and friendship, yet I know we have to be the best of friends always to be married and live happily ever after :) Please read my profile for I have spent time reading yours... Lived in Hawaii on the island of Maui... I am not here playing a game... I am very interested in your culture and customs...I desire to live in a tropical setting most of the year...the other part of the year will be spent in Colorado... Yes, I know it is hard to find a " real " person online...at least be courteous as to read what I am saying...Yes, you may base your initial interest based on my photos...but then are you interested in diet? Are you healthy ? Do you enjoy hiking, swimming, sports ? Are you independent and enjoy " your " time ? Easy going, living a healthy life style...organic gardening and farming, snowboarding, swimming, running, hiking, golf are but a few of my hobbies...love to cook...very interested in your culture art music and foods prepared....very honest and upfront...looking for a lady that is interested in health and has a desire to live a healthy life style...... Please note, I have moved from Maui and now live in Colorado.. Also, note I am looking for a friend which should lead to a long term relationship then to marriage...friends are nice and so very important...we need to chat and get to know each other...I am so convinced with the correct lady we can make a long distance relationship...Serious man...looking for a serious lady, that would like to have a long term relationship which will lead to marriage.. I am who I am...Truth is a key to living, being honest with yourself and to others...having self love, so you can love others... Was living in the jungle on the north side of Maui for around 3 years ...the jungle seemingly exposes who you are and as to whom you thought you were...all I know is that showering in a spring daily or swimming in fresh water streams is a fine way to become clean...not only in a physical sense also in a spiritual and mental sense... Many have placed distractions in their lives to avoid the truth and reality... I love the sunsets and I do LOVE the sun and warmer weather... Being healthy is more than a state of mind, which is indeed critical...however, if you have not learned how to eat properly at this age what can I say? Eating close to the earth provides nourishment for the body and the soul...it simply makes you more aware... So, even though I may live in a home of luxury I now appreciate and understand a simple life and simple living... Now, that I have scared away 90% of all ladies...perhaps, the true and honest 10% will step forward...LOL :) I love to live....peace and happiness comprise my being... "I am who I am" :)) Looking for love in the truest sense :) Running, snowboarding, X-C skiing and golf are but a few of my hobbies...swimming, some surfing, hiking, swimming in fresh water streams... I am an avid gardener and grow and cultivate Bonsai Trees I am very romantic, passionate and affectionate....many have tried to catch but alas, only a few have... Now, that I am on this site and have been looking at some ladies that truly interest me...I will be joining shortly...I have indicated that there is an interest in some ladies on this site...I am willing and will in fact be going to a city to meet the lady of my dreams... If you do not have a definite interest in me...if your profile indicates you are seeking someone younger that I am...please do not contact me unless you truly are interested... "I am looking for a needle in the haystack" Yes, I have been running for 29 years and have been into diet and health that long as well....:)))) I cook and now how to prepare exceedingly healthy and tasty meals, I am quite well read and have studied the following: Eastern and Western Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridan Therapy, Refelxology, Applied Kinesiology and Shiatsu...do not practice these arts for employment...use them be healthy and the special lady in my life :) After all, if you cannot take care of yourself who can... Catch me if you can, you may find the love of your life.!!! Musical interests very greatly from the worlds great composer on towards reggae, jazz, rock and roll, blues and some hip hop rap...I mean seriously who out there does not like Stan by Eminen, or Picture and Cowboy by Kid Rock...I love IZ Over the Rainbow and Hawaii 1978...have not heard these give em a spin Well, I love the outdoors and this is who I am....I try not to impress people, I just love being who I am. My Mother instilled great values in my life...I cherish her teachings. Treat others as you would like to be treated. It is better to give than to receive. A lady should be treated with respect. And above all else maintain your integrity... They say I am tall dark and handsome, please find out :)) "Unless it is fun, it is better left undone" I am a professional and was a corporate person. I am still a professional person, just no longer corporate....lol...and I love it. As you may have noted, I play no "games" only golf. Always peace Chipper ô¿ò
40 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
konnichiwa! yoroshiku onegaishimasu! my name is clyde kazuto yamasaki. i am 30 years old. my birth date is october 10,1979. i was born in hilo, hawaii (usa). i currently live in pepeekeo, hawaii (usa). i am japanese, chinese, philipino and spanish. i work for a construction and painting company called YAMADA PAINT CONTRACTING DBA GW CONSTRUCTION IN KEAAU HAWAII. my job is to service and maintain construction equipment; help the mechanics, carpenters, painters and equipment operators when they need my help; keep the shop neat and organized; pick up and deliver materials to the job sites. i am currently seeking to find a beautiful japanese girl from japan to be my wife, love me and have lots of children with me. my friend's wife masae from japan works as an interpreter at the air port for jacks tours. she tried setting me up on dates with a few japanese girls from japan but it didn't work out so i'm still looking for the right japanese girl from japan. in hawaii there are many japanese women but they are not the same as girls from japan. i'd rather marry a japanese girl from japan rather then a japanese girl from hawaii. if you are interested in me then CONTACT ME! THE FULL DEATAILS ABOUT ME: I'm CLYDE KAZUTO YAMASAKI and I live on the big island of hawaii (usa) which is also know as the island of hawaii and is also the biggest of all of the hawaiian islands. Hawaii is located in the pacific ocean. I was born on 10/10/79 in hilo hospital. I was born and raised on the island of hawaii. But my grand parents on my father's side grew up in japan and immigrated here and worked in the sugar cane plantations. When they moved here they had to burry certain things that they brought back from japan because they were contraband. My grand father brought his kendo stick from japan but he had to burry it or it would be taken away. Even though my grand parents are not alive today, we still have some old japanese scrolls that my grand parents brought back from japan. I saw some of them when I was little and it had pictures of heaven and hell on them. It looked very very old. In our home we had three alters that my grand parents would pray to and put inscents on. I used to pray to them also. If I remember I think that some of the prayers begin like this. .. .. .. I don't know if I spell't it right though. But the prayers began like that along with some other words but I forgot it. In fact I forgot most of the japanese words that I used to know when I was little. When I was little I only used to speak in japanese to my grandma because it was the only language that she spoke. Even my mom learned how to speak japanese even though she is not japanese. She had to learn it in order to communicate with my grand parents. My mom is filipino, spanish and chinese. My dad is pure japanese. They met through correspondance by writing letters to each other. One day my dad decided to go to the philippines and see my mom and her parents and soon after that, they were married. I attend mass at the papaikou catholic church every sunday morning at 6:00am. I changed my religion from buddhism to catholic since my mom is a catholic. Now my mom, dad and I are catholics. When I go to church I feel warm inside and feel very happy. I never went to church since I was in elementary school. In those days I was attending honomu hongwanji. We had to attend sunday school to learn japanese before church started. I also was in their judo class. Back then my grandma was still living and we always spoke to her in japanese because it was the only language that she spoke to us in. Although my mom isn't japanese, she learned how to speak it quite well since she had to in order to communicate with my grandma and grandpa. Now that I'm older and my grandma isn't alive anymore, I have totally forgotten how to speak japanese. No one at home speaks japanese anymore. They only speak in english. Nowadays the japanese people that live here in hawaii have forgotten even how to write in japanese and only a few of them can speak it but most of the language has evolved in a mixture of slangs and short cut words that are not normally used in japan. It has evolved like english in hawaii has. Hawaii has mixed languages with english to form a language called pigeon english. You can hardly understand what people are saying unless you live here and adapt with the lifestyle and slowly begin to pick up the slangs and terms we use to form the pigeon english language. I like to go fishing, watch movies, japanese anime junky, always on the computer downloading japanese anime when I come home from work, go shopping, collect anitques, travel, and fix anything and everything. I took muay thai kick boxing and grappling classes for several months. My friend's girlfriend's father teaches the class. On the first day of class, I choked out 1 guy and almost choked out a purple belt brazilian jiujitsu guy. He was turning purple and didn't want to tap out. He held on until the time was up. He told me that he was ready to pass out. It's very tiring but I get a really good workout from it. I also took ballroom dancing classes for several months. It was really fun and i worked up an awesome sweat. I felt sorry for my dancing partners because the polyester and silk shirts that i wore made me soaked with sweat. I am left handed but I can use both hands for certain things. I have two sisters, the oldest one is my half sister from my dad's side. He was married to a martialese woman from the martial islands when he worked there a long time ago. My eldest sister lives in seattle washington and she has two sons. The oldest boy was living with us and he is 18 and he just went to south carolina for basic training at the end of june 2006, he's going to be a telecommunications specialist in the army. The youngest one is 15 and lives with his mother in seattle. As of now saturday the 29th of july 2006 he is visiting us and leaving sometime next week. My other sister live's with me and my parents here in hawaii and she works as a social service specialist for senior citizens. As for me I work as a mechanic at a construction company. I would like to find a wife from a foreign country. If I fall in love with her and if she treats me right then I'll definitely marry her and have children with her. I want at least 4 children with her and at the most 8. Who knows what will happen in the future. The end result may be a happy ending. My ethnic background consists of japanese, chinese, visayan(from Visayas region of the Philippines) and spanish. I consider myself as a shy, sensitive and quiet type of person. I cry when I feel sad, I cry when I watch sad movies, I cry when I watch happy movies, I cry when someone dear to me leaves, I cry when I feel lonely and depressed. MY FAVORITE MOVIES ARE: FEARLESS STARRING LET LI; ONG BAK MUAY THAI WARRIOR STARRING TONY JAA; THE PROTECTOR STARRING TONY JAA; TOM-YUM-GOONG STARRING TONY JAA; THE LAST SAMURAI STARRING TOM CRUISE; THE ONE STARRING JET LI; UNDERWORLD; UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION; BLOODREIGN; RESIDENT EVIL; RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE; I LIKE ANYTHING WITH MARTIAL ARTS, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, HORROR, SOME PASSION IS GOOD ALSO. I ASLO LIKE WATCHING ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS AND PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS. JAPANESE ANIME: FIST OF THE NORTH STAR; SAMURAI DEEPER KYO; BLEACH; NARUTO; BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE; VAMPIRE HUNTER D BLOOD LUST; INITIAL D; NINJA SCROLL; NINJA RESURECTION; BLOOD TRINITY; DEATH NOTE; HELLSING; THE LAW OF UEKI; GETBACKERS; HUNTER X HUNTER; BAKI THE GRAPPLER; BLACK BLOOD BROTHERS; BUSOU RENKIN; TACTICS; IKKITOUSEN; IKKITOUSEN DRAGON DESTINY; TENJO TENGE; JIGOKU SHOUJO; RENTAL MAGICA; KENICHI; DEMONBANE; SCHOOL RUMBLE; D. GRAY-MAN; SAMURAI GIRL REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL; AIR; AIR GEAR; AH MY GODDESS; ICHIGO 100%; MAHOROMATIC AUTOMATIC MAIDEN; KATEKYOUSHI HITMAN REBORN; TOKKO............IN FACT I LIKE ALL OF THE JAPANESE ANIME THAT HAVE FIGHTING, BLOOD AND GORE, SUPER POWERS AND STUFF LIKE THAT. TUESDAY JULY 7,2009: I am sad that my uncle Tomozo Okahara passed away on sunday june 28th 2009, the day after i visited him in the veterans hospital in Hilo Hawaii and the same day that i went out to lunch with my friend and his wife Masae from Osaka Japan and her friend Yuko Ishikawa from Tokyo Japan. I went to the viewing of his body today with my family. It was a private viewing for family members only. I don't like funerals. It's to sad and makes me cry especially when i see everyone else cry. The reverand from Hilo Meishon buddhist church chanted the prayer namuamidabutsu to send him to the after life with his relatives safely. Then after the viewing everyone went to have lunch at Kow's chinese restaraunt in Waiakea. Then this evening we had dinner at my aunty Mutsue's house. We looked at photo albums to remind us of the past when we were all much younger. I haven't seen all of my relatives faces that were there for the past 15 years or more. I had forgotten who each person was and had to ask them to be sure of who they were. I remember some of their faces and who they were though. People change a whole lot after not seeing them for so long. It was a good experience and i was happy to see them again after so long. A lot of them had children and girlfriends that i haven't seen before. Oh yeah and my aunty alice is staying with us at our home from saturday evening and she is going back to Oahu on saturday morning july 11th. I feel sorry for her though because she has bad knees and she had to use a cane to walk. Tomorrow morning at 11am the funeral service will start. Only the ashes of uncle Tomozo will be present though because he was cremated this afternoon after the viewing of his body. I really hate sad funerals so i don't really look forward to it tomorrow. I know i will feel sick to my stomach and cry again like a cowardly baby. I even get sick to my stomach when i am in hospitals, doctor offices or elderly care homes when i visit my uncle AL(YOSHIKAZU) YAMASAKI or my aunty MASAKO OJIRI. But anyways I have to go to sleep now because it is 12:57am and i have to get up early around 8:00am to get ready for the funeral. I had to take two days off from work for the viewing and the funeral. So I bid you farewell how do you say it in nihongo? Saraba or sarabada? I don't really know but anyways oyasuminasai.
70 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 99 - 99
I love life and believe that my cup is almost full. It gives me great pleasure making other people happy, that is why there is always a smile on my face. A smile, a positive comment, a hug or a kind word can make person’s day. Though I am quiet, I am entertaining and fun to be around. I am not the life of the party, but people gravitate to me because of my humor and uplifting spirit. I believe most of my friends will tell you that I am kind-hearted, thoughtful, patient and fun. I have a strong inner character and my friends look to me for strength, support and honesty. I am looking for a partner to share fine dining and dancing as well as getting knocked off a raft while white water rafting shooting rapids and taking an 5 hour hike (not a walk) with has an elevation difference of a half mile. I live in Hawaii at present. I enjoy most of life’s fun activities: dining, movies, canoeing, hiking, travel and cruises. I just got my scuba diving license. My build is slightly thin and I try to keep in shape by jogging I also have a serious side. I am a professional and have had some very interesting positions. But the most serious thing about me is that I try to be a great father. I have 3 great children and 5 grandchildren. They are the most precious things in my life. I would like to share them with a partner. I am looking for that special partner; a partner with which our relationship will fill both our cups and with whom to share the rest of our lives. I believe that honesty and loyalty must be paramount in a solid relationship. I am very kind-hearted and sensual and would need to have a partner that shares these qualities. I believe the best part of my life is to come and would like a find my other half to share that life. PS My birthday is wrong on my profile and I can not change it. 07/29/1948.
62 Kahului, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 54
41 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: 18 - 35
38 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 38



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