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Chad is from United States

Chad (34)

Please read my profile carefully. San Antonio, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Please read my profile carefully. I'm providing a lot of detail so we can more easily understand how compatible we are. Short version: seeking a sweet, submissive, smart, sexy spouse. Long version: I am here to find a wife. I'd love to make new friends as well--feel free to write me--but the main reason I'm here is to find that one woman I can spend the rest of my life with. I am cautious. I want to get to know the right person very well before getting married. It could take months or even a year or more for me to be ready, to have the money and vacation days, to fly around to the other side of the world to meet you. Be patient. Let's get to know each other thoroughly through chat, emails, video and voice calls so we know we are right for each other. I want to have children and to raise them well. I want to marry the right woman, a woman who will be a good wife and a good mate. I am intelligent. I was accepted into Mensa, the high IQ society. I am not a rocket scientist, but I enjoy intelligent conversation, and I want intelligent children. My wife needs to be of above average intelligence. She should have a medium or dark skin tone, to help balance out my fair-skinned genes. I am agnostic. I was raised as a conservative Christian, but have come to believe that it is impossible to say what religion, if any, is correct. I try to be open minded. An agnostic woman would be best, or Christian. Other religions may be acceptable as long as she is not very religious. She must be kind, sweet, tender-hearted. There is no sexier trait a woman can have than a loving heart. She should be a good communicator. I do not mean that she has to be completely fluent in English, although that is nice. I mean that she should be patient, open, a good listener. She should be easy to talk to. We should be able to talk about anything or everything and to work out problems by discussing them frankly with each other. She must be absolutely honest, even when she thinks it is not what I want to hear. Of course she should be polite--there's no need to deliberately say hurtful things--but honesty and integrity are vital. I can't accept a woman who lies, tricks or deceives. In that vein, I know there are a lot of fakes and scammers online. I will NOT send you money. Talk to me if you are looking for a relationship, not cash. I am physically affectionate. I like to hold the girl, to cuddle her, kiss her, play with her hair. You should enjoy such affection. I prefer to do the touching, not be the one being touched. I like many things: girls with long hair, girls in high heels. Girls with sweet voices that are pleasant to listen to when she talks or sings. Girls that like to cook. What about me? Let's see. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENTJ. My top 5 Strengthsfinder results are Ideation, Input, Futuristic, Individualization, Analytical. I have a quirky sense of humor. I tend to have big dreams. I like to analyze things or make detailed plans. I enjoy being in charge. I want to change the world. I have good traits and bad traits. I am intelligent, tall and--I like to think--in overall good health. I am a software engineer, which is good work. I try to be intelligent, thoughtful, ambitious. I own my own house. I am a confident leader and public speaker. Many women think my deep voice is sexy. I am committed to saving my virginity for marriage. I am creative and analytical. I am affectionate. I like to think I am more emotionally mature than many people, but I'm far from perfect. I believe in open, honest communication. I like to think I am gentle, kind and patient with women. I do not commit crimes. I do not do drugs. I do not smoke. I do not drink. I do not swear. I like cats. I am a second degree black belt in the martial art of Tang Soo Do. I believe that a relationship takes work. That a relationship is a commitment for man and woman to work hard at loving each other. Nothing is ever perfect and there are always obstacles. But if we work together, we can have a love that lasts a lifetime. I have many faults as well. I am pale-skinned and freckled, so pale it is impossible for me to tan. Many consider that unattractive. I am young, but already getting some gray hairs. I am quite nearsighted, and need my glasses to do just about anything. I am overweight, but I have made significant changes in my lifestyle to eat and drink better and exercise more, so I expect to get fitter soon. I have made a number of mistakes in my life. My financial situation is not as great as it should be, although I have been improving it substantially in 2015 and expect to do even better in 2016. I'm not a fan of dogs. I don't always get things done as soon as I would like. I am not very close to my family, although I do talk to and see them occasionally. Sometimes I eat unhealthy foods. I find it difficult to relate to most Americans. I can be shy and introverted, often preferring to be alone. Many women do not find my looks or personality attractive. I can have difficulties managing my time for maximum productivity. I think about sexual matters a lot and discuss them too much for the taste of some women. I share these things to avoid surprises, to help you better know if you would enjoy being with me. My goals in life? I will continue to work as a software engineer. I will work off my credit card debt and save up money. I will work on my business goals. I have many business plans. Right now, I want to work on a website to teach people public speaking skills and to make that profitable enough that I can leave my day job and devote more time to business. Then I will work on more businesses. I want to marry and have kids once I am in a good financial position. I want to move somewhere--I don't know where, I need to figure out where in the US I most want to live--and build my dream house and have children and profitable businesses there. You might wonder: why do I want to look overseas for a wife? It's not just because I've had poor luck with American women. America's immigration laws are overly strict. It is hard to get into the US. The best way is to marry an American. More foreign women in the US means more cultural diversity, more genetic diversity. It means Americans will better understand the world around them. For women from poor countries, it is a way to live in a richer country and to raise children in a richer place. Why do I want to marry an Asian girl? Because I think they are the most beautiful in the world. 3 But of course, if I find the perfect woman for me, race is not as important. What would our life be like together? There are many possibilities. Perhaps we would... - cuddle on the couch and watch a movie - cook dinner together, a new healthy recipe - try a new sport together - play a board game together, like Risk or something less common - go to professional meetings where I would give speeches - discuss business ideas together - set aside time to spend one on one with each other, even after having children, and just work on us - work in the same room on our own projects on our own computers - practice self-defense - read aloud for each other - take a walk in the woods - discuss ideas from a thought-provoking book with each other - have many kinky adventures! I've mentioned sexual matters a few times now. That requires explanation. I want a nice girl. I want a girl that doesn't smoke or drink or swear. A girl that is kind and thoughtful. A girl that would be a great wife and a great mother. A girl I could proudly introduce to my family. ...but... She also needs to be sexually adventurous. kinky. submissive. It's hard to find a girl that is both! Now, please don't be scared. Perhaps you don't know much about sex. That's fine. Many American women, even those that have sex regularly, have much to learn and believe in too many myths and misconceptions. And we don't have to discuss sex all the time. But it is important to know that we are compatible and could be happy together. And remember, I am saving my virginity for marriage. I do sexual activities, but will not do the actual act of intercourse until then. Another disclaimer. You don't have to love all these things. You don't have to be experienced in all these things. All I ask is that you are open minded. Perhaps you are curious. Perhaps you are willing to try anything once. Perhaps you just say "I don't know if I like it or not--let's explore this more and see what happens." That's fine. You just need to be willing to consider it. I am into BDSM. If you've read or watched 50 Shades of Gray, that's one type of a BDSM relationship. BDSM stands for Bondage, Dominance/submission, Sado-Masochism. It's a catch-all term for many kinks, many alternative sexual activities. I enjoy submissive women. Oh, it's great if she's intelligent, a great life partner, if she's a capable women or a hard working professional. But she should enjoy the idea of obeying her man, of letting him take charge and make decisions. It should make her happy to make him happy. This sort of girl is often frustrated by not knowing what to do to make people happy. It's much easier if she is just told, and then she happily tries to please people. I enjoy women tied up (Bondage). I think this is very sexy. The purpose is not to hurt the woman; many women love it, and it can be quite gentle. It's just a way to add variety and make sexual activities more exciting. I enjoy many other kinks as well. Hypnosis, tickling, role play--if you are interested we can discuss a variety of kinks. But the right sort of girl gets excited at the thought of her man deciding where to take her on a date and what she should wear. Or for him to grab her, press her against the wall and kiss her passionately. Or for him to tie her to the bed and lay a trail of kisses up and down her body. Or for him to grab her, put her over his shoulder, slap her bottom and tell her that she belongs to him. I prefer a girl who is bisexual and polyamorous. That is, a girl open to the idea of kissing or playing with another girl, or us both together playing with another girl. Again, you don't have to be an expert, or even be certain that you like it. You just need to be open to the idea of discussing or exploring it to better understand if it's for you or not. There you have it. Now you know far more about me than most people do! Thank you for reading. I appreciate your attention to detail. I look forward to getting to know you better and to help you better understand me. If you've read this and are intrigued, please help me make sure that I do not miss your message, that you stand out from others so I am sure to notice you and talk to you first. Send me a message with the subject line "Please tell me more, Sir?". Tell me more about yourself. It doesn't have to be as long as this--but help me get to know you as a person, to understand what makes you the special angel that you are. :)


Michael is from United States

Michael (69)

Celebrate a simple life lived wel... Newport Beach, California, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 50 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Yes...this is an 'old' picture, but can You picture what I might look like now??? I believe a picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture story is worth, since there's not enough room here to describe my life in detail (besides w

Steve is from United States

Steve (67)

please see below Plano, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

57 y/o healthy male, is currently setting a goal of increasing his small scale farm, desires friendship>relationship, is not seeking marriage at this time, has very newly filed for divorce. I work in a big time Dallas hospital, deep nights x3 12s

Frank is from United States

Frank (79)

alone too long, need to share lif... Woodbury, Minnesota, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 69 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Me? An easy going guy who still thinks young. I run my own small business from my home and enjoy it. My wife died of cancer 10 years ago and I have not had much luck with companionship since then. I love to travel all over the world and simple thi

3sons7 is from United States

3sons7 (40)

pay attention Houma, Louisiana, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 55 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I am happy. I love life. I am strong emotionaly, physicaly, and spiritualy. Jesus Christ is my 1 love. I know that it is my resposibility as a husband to take care of my family's emotional, spiritual, and fannicial needs. I want to love the way I want to be loved for life. No games, pass word 3 sons seven. Seven is not seven, boys. I have three sons.

Jim is from United States

Jim (69)

Soar With An Eagle Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 99 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Soaring With Eagles -- Eagles are strong, free spirited; bold yet humble and very caring; their eyesight clear and sharp. When coupled with the aforementioned attributes, Eagles are quick at discerning and deciding; sometimes this brings them trouble! However, most of the time, Eagles soar elegantly, majestically, and regally. Eagles are looked upon as spiritual symbols by many cultures. In short, this is who I am, soaring with Eagles! Many people are afraid to approach an Eagle for a variety of reasons: they appear mean; they appear strong; they appear cute; but mostly, they appear ferocious. They seem to be alone quite often, so, they must not be too sociable; when in their presence, it is quite possible to experience neurosis ... SOARING WITH EAGLES! Have you ever listened, closely, to the music of the wind blowing? To the thunder rumbling? To rain gently falling or violently pouring? To brooks calmly flowing or the rivers wildly running? Eagles soar to music of all kinds. Their survival depends on seeing, on discerning; Knowing when to perch; when to ignite and soar. When to be quiet and when to rest. All necessary, if, one is to soar with Eagles! Eagles respect nature and those that respect them. Because of Eagles autonomy (their independence), they are rather open to new ideas; new places; new people; and new events of all kinds. Surprised? Yes, Eagles perch! Eagles soar! Interested in perching a little...maybe, gently winging in the breeze...? Who knows, quite possibly one day soon, you too - may be...SOARING WITH EAGLES!


Pumpkin is from United States

Pumpkin (30)

Looking for friends, maybe a girl... Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 32 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I'm a big guy with a big beard. I enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, partying, cuddling, cooking, and the company of good people. I am mostly here to make friends, but i am always looking for love. I like making new friends and partying. I have started learning Vietnamese because I want to go to Vietnam and meet new people. I'm hoping to one day find someone sweet and kind who I can spend the rest of my life with. personality and a kind heart are more important than beauty. I know i am not the most handsome man, but i am loyal, honest, and love with all my heart. I do not cheat or play games, if I like you I will show it every chance I get. if I love you I will always stand by your side, protect you, and do everything I can to keep you happy every day. I would like to have children some day, but first I need to find a good woman to be my wife. if you would like to be friends, or maybe more, please message me either on here or on one of the other apps below. I don't mind helping you practice English if that is what you are looking for. I look forward to talking to you and becoming friends, or more. 

John is from United States

John (49)

Hello everyone. Titusville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 39 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I am not to good talking about myself so I will go with what others say. I am a nice guy with a good sense of humor. I deal with one day at a time and have a calm and relaxed attitude. If you have any questions feel free to ask anything.I do have a w


Michael is from United States

Michael (60)

hi Kahului, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 54 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Thank you for reading my profile.......... I am NOT one of the men that will ask you for cam I want a life time relationship with a very special lady. I will do my best to treat you like a woman and I will treat you with respect. I am not a womanizer...I am a one woman man I am not looking for young lady...I am looking for a lady closer to my age...I do not want a filipina wife young enough to be my daughter....I am only a high school i would prefer a filipina who my i am looking for a high school grad or vocational college grad...I am sorry but if you have Bachelors or Masters Degree you are over qualified for me...Please be between 42 and 54... PLEASE RESPECT MY WISHES I am easy going and can be a bit shy when we first meet. My best quality is that I know how to treat women well. I will try my best to make the lady I am with feel special. I will give lots of compliments to the lady that I am with. I will never mistreat a lady. Do not drink alcohol much, don't smoke and don't do drugs and expect the same from my partner I am very romantic. My dream is to turn off the light and light some candles and slow dance to the song called Unchained Melody with my lady. I want to have romantic candle light dinners with my lady. My hobbies are photography, I love nature (beach, waterfalls, the mountains), the mall and surfing the net. When I find my special lady my favorite hobby will be hugging, holding, kissing and holding hands with my special lady.


greg is from United States

greg (45)

Hi.. Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 36 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I am a man who gives unconditional all American love. I am willing to do just that. Why? Because I want exactly the same. So you need not have doubt that. As long as you are faithful to only me and the friendship and family that we may build together, you will be spoiled from my affection, devotion, heart, soul, and most important of all, all of my love unconditionally. Hmmm….humor, I like that. I like laughter and smiles as well. I like to smile and have a good laugh. After all I think smiles and joy is the most important of all. Laughter, gun, bullets and bottle of Rum is the key to my heart. Now humor is also important. I know I would love making you laugh, giggle and smile. I tend to joke and do silly things from time to time and enjoy comedy movies as well. While on the subject of movies, I also enjoy horror and action, like most males, but I also enjoy drama and romance. I love to cuddle together at a warm fireplace, lit candles, with me running my fingers through your hair and watch that movie and then.....whatever the night shall bring...


michael is from United States

michael (49)

asain lady lover Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

i'm not sure exactly why but i've loved the asian women ever since i was 13 years old. but i've never found 1 that wanted to marry me. i do dress like a freak an most asian people that i've met so far,would look at me like i'm a nut, but i'm not.


Hank is from United States

Hank (69)

Faithful Always Barberton, Ohio, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 30 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I am frendly, outgoing and happy. I enjoy life and like to meet new people. I admire diversity in people and I find other cultures interesting and educational. I am athletic, like to travel and have fun. I am still looking for my soulmate


Larry is from United States

Larry (45)

Seeking Friendship, Love, Mabye m... Lakeland, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 35 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I Really do not know how this works , So I am going to be honest as I can I'm not the best looking guy out there but I am honest and hard working I love everything and everyone that has a big heart If you are out there please drop me a line and mabye

Jerry is from United States

Jerry (69)

Searching for my best friend and ... Miami, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Hello. I am an American male, 57 years young, seeking a Vietnamese best friend and lifemate. I live on the Florida east coast, on the tropical barrier island east of Melbourne. I'm blond, 5'10, about 235 pounds. My primary source of income is my business consulting service. Essentially I help clients become more profitable. Additionally, I enjoy remodeling houses. It is kind of like therapy for me. I do not smoke, I do not do drugs, and I rarely consume alcohol (perhaps wine with dinner). The photograph? It was taken on a recent cruise, standing in front of a sign promoting our "Margaritaville" party. Send me a note and I'll explain. I know there is a special Asian lady out there waiting for me. My challenge is to get her to respond to me. I know I can win your heart if you give me a chance. If you think you might be the one, please send me a note.

Carl is from United States

Carl (48)

Looking for someone special Concord, New Hampshire, United States
Seeking: Female for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I am 5ft 8in tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, 190lbs. I am active, and enjoy the outdoors. I love to Ski, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, (play) Baseball, and just about anything outdoors that is exciting and fun. I have worked on the ocean for most of my life

Ed is from United States

Ed (57)

Gold-hearted man in search of his... Sacramento, California, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 35 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

Im very down-to-earth, loyal, dedicated and loving. I love children and love having family around the house. Im hard working and willing to do all I can to make sure the woman of my life is happy, safe and secure. I DO NOT play games and do not waste my time on people that do.

John Roy is from United States

John Roy (56)

Looking For A Texas Boy? Dallas, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 55 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I'm just an old dirt kicker from Dallas. I'm a big city kinda guy that still knows what it means to be a Red-Neck. I dont have much free time from work but a little Jimmy Buffet and a chair on the beach in Mexico are my favorite activities. I also ha

Huy is from United States

Huy (35)

panda huy Dallas, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 25 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

im laid back, really nice, good friend and active. I go out alot such as movies, poolhalls, bowling, lan party's, swimming, football, etc the usual stuff. My crowd of friend are really laid back as well and party devils hmm but it depends on you i can't judge...


Tom is from United States

Tom (44)

Last American Virgin Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 20 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I love family, photography, traveling, Vietnamese food, antiques, outdoor activities, dogs and being near the water. I am laid back with a sense of humor. I am still a virgin because I am saving myself for the right girl. Family always comes first for me.

Dave is from United States

Dave (70)

Considerate, Thoughtful Fellow Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 41 - 56 for Penpal
Body style: Full Figured

I like to read about current events, walk, swim, listen to music and attend concerts, travel within a budget, and occasionally read fiction and non-fiction. I am able to appreciate divergent points of view and different perspectives. I am an affectionate romantic.

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