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I will one day marry her

Your website is user friendly and the myriads of lovely, mostly singularly devoted VietnamCupid ladies that are on there is amazing. After a few short months I found a woman who I have fallen in love with who is an absolute gem. Despite our language differences I will one day marry her.


I never met a woman I love more than her

I met my future wife thru Vietnam Cupid. We are currently engaged and looking to set the final wedding date in December of this year. Great Website, i would highly recommend it to others. I never met a woman I love more than her. Thanks to Vietnam Cupid for getting us together. Bret


We have got married

We have got married and we are very happy now and spending the rest of our lives together. We are so happy now.


Be patient because your wonderful partners are waiting for you here

II would like to say many thanks to VietnamCupid. You are doing good jobs to bring the happinesses to everyone. Like all women I always hope I will have a wonderful husband. A long time ago I found VietnamCupid, here I met my husband . We chatted for a few months, then he was willing drop everything in England to be with me here, half way around of the world... After 18 days in Vietnam we got engaged. My parents are very pleased about him because read more >> he showed them how much he loves me and give his true hearts to them. Everybody says I'm very lucky to having him as my life partner. I love you my Ifti teddy ..I'm so proud to be your wife! Finally, I wish all gentlemen and ladies who join this website, please be patient because your wonderful partners are waiting for you here. Thank you << collapse


His wedding present was a golden hear shaped necklace

I knew Ben through the VietnamCupid dating website, that time was the noon of Jan 17th 2013. I suddenly saw Ben through my profile page to attend my photos uploaded in web, and I passed to Ben's personal page for reading his personal introduction. I realized that he was a honest man and wanted finding the earnest relationship, so I sent him a message for getting into conversation with him. From that day on, we chatted about each other. The wedding read more >> gift which Ben gave me a love heart golden necklace. He suddenly gave me in wedding, he told me closing my eyes and put it my neck. I was overwhelmed and cried in growing happiness when had a wonderful man and good behavior with me as him. My above presentation is true, not false, I really love Ben, we can’t live without each other, I was willing to give up any things in Vietnam such as family, friends and dream to become a manager in hotel management which I nurtured in long term to come to a strange place as Australia without relatives, friends and job, but I still believe that there has Ben and our strongest love, I can step into stable future. We sincerely thank you. << collapse


Words can’t express how happy I am

I would like to thank Vietnam Cupid for bringing metogether with my lovely wife Vi. I was a paid member, and she sent me a messagefirst and I’m so happy she did. We talked on webcam for 2 weeks and then I flewto Vietnam to meet her in person on April 7, 2010. We fell in love immediately.We knew we were meant to be with each other. I worked in offshore drilling andevery time I was off from work, I would go back to Vietnam to visit her. After8 months read more >> of dating, I had a plan to propose to her on her birthday (December 8th)and she said yes! After that, we started planning our wedding party in Vietnamand had a huge celebration at Grand Palace on July 22, 2011. Now, we arehappily married and living in Florida, USA and just had our first kid born onOctober 29, 2012. Words can’t express how happy I am with my family. I can’timagine life without my wife and son. It’s been the best gift that God has everblessed me with. Thanks Vietnam Cupid for helping me find my other half. Ben &amp; Vi << collapse

Ben & Vi