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Minh Hai (53) 

Male / Separated / ID: 540607
Oakland, California, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 35 living in Vietnam
For: Penpal, Friendship, Romance / Dating, Marriage

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Education: Masters Degree
Have children: Yes - live at home
Drink: Occasionally drink
Smoke: Don't smoke
Religion: Buddhist
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary

Tieng Viet truoc va Tieng Anh sau/Writing in both languages Vietnamese and English. Viet cho nhung ai thich don gian, ngan gon: 1. Cao (1 met 72), to (70kgs), rat la dep trai/Tall, big and handsome 2. Co hoc thuc, noi nang le phep, lich su, thich galang/Well-educated, polite, gentle, and l...read more >>

Tieng Viet truoc va Tieng Anh sau/Writing in both languages Vietnamese and English. Viet cho nhung ai thich don gian, ngan gon: 1. Cao (1 met 72), to (70kgs), rat la dep trai/Tall, big and handsome 2. Co hoc thuc, noi nang le phep, lich su, thich galang/Well-educated, polite, gentle, and lady-first attitude 3. Tanh tinh hien lanh, khong che bai, chung thuy, thanh that/Kind, don't look down on others, faithful, and honest 4. Viet kieu, song tren dat my 30 nam, co cong an viec lam vung chac, luong Cao, cuoc song thoai mai/Vietnamese oversea living in the US over 30 years, high income, stable job, upper middle class. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viet cho nhung ai muon tim hieu ve quang niem cua cuoc song va tinh yeu cua toi: Toi rat thich doc ho so cua nhung co dang khao khat tinh yeu. Va toi hy vong rang trong nhung co dang khao khat ay, toi se gap duoc MOT co chung mot quan diem ve y nghia cua cuoc song va tinh yeu. Toi da doc rat nhieu ho so o Vietnam Cupid nay. Co the noi la tren 200. Hau het ngay nao toi cung doc ca. Toi doc tren xe lua tu tram LaFayette gan nha den tram Glenn Park gan cong ty lam viec cua toi. Toi doc tren xe lua tu cong ty ve den nha. truoc khi di ngu toi muon bo 30 phut dong ho de doc nhung ho so ay. Co nghia la mot ngay toi da bo den 2 Tieng 30 phut dong ho de doc nhung ho so nay. Toi doc say me nhung trang profile nay nhu doc nhung resume ma cong ty giao pho nhiem vu quan trong cho toi. Kiem duoc nhan tai ve phuc vu cho cong ty. Trong nhung ho so ay, ai ai cung mong muon quen duoc nguoi yeu thanh that va chung thuy. Co le duc Tanh nay, da dua phu nu Vietnam o vi tri Cao hon nhung nguoi phu nu khac tren the gioi. Toi cung vay. Rat mong muon duoc nguoi yeu that long va thuy chung. Doi voi toi, tinh yeu la su thieng lieng Cao ca. Va tu ay, no xuat phat ra mot niem tin. niem tin nay da giup toi vuoc bao nhieu su cam do o ngoai doi (Co Bac, Ruou Che, Trai Gai, Hut Sach). tinh yeu da giup toi thuc tinh nhung cai "ngu mui" cua loai nguoi (THAM, GIAN, SAN, SI). Toi khong bao gio nghi rang, nhung nguoi "nghien" la nhung nguoi xau, dang khinh bi. Doi voi toi, ho la nhung nan nhan cua su loi cuon manh liec nay. tinh yeu, hanh phuc, su hieu biet, niem tin va thuy chung la nhung yeu to khong the thieu duoc trong tinh yeu chan that. Do la noi dung cua bai viet nay. Su hieu biet. Mot cau chuyen thoi trung hoc ma toi nho mai trong long. Thoi vua Tu Duc, co ong quan ten la nguyen Truong To. ong la nguoi hoc gia xuat chung hon nguoi. Doc dau nho do. An noi luu loat. Ai ai cung dieu kinh ne. Luc ong qua Phap thay nhung anh den dien treo nguoc trong khap neo duong o thanh pho Paris. ong thay duoc nen van minh hien dai cua phuong Tay. Ve nuoc ong ke lai nhung gi tai nghe mat thay cho vua nghe. Va cung xin vua thay doi chinh Sach "Be Mon Toa Cang." nhung vua lai khong tin, bao rang "Den thi lam sao ma chuc nguoc duoc?". nghi rang nguyen Truong To noi lao. The la ong ta bi vua phat 20 roi va duoi ra khoi trieu. Cau chuyen day cho toi mot bai hoc rang "truoc khi toi dua den mot ket luan nao, toi tu hoi ket luan nhu vay co voi va lam khong?" ME thuong bao toi "Neu minh khong giup do gi nguoi ta, thi minh cung dung nen nghi xau ve ho." Khi toi nghi den nhung gi khong tot ve nguoi nao do, toi lai nho den loi ME bao. cung chinh vi loi ME day, toi moi cam thay thuong nhung nguoi chung quanh toi. Va thuong hon nua, nhung nguoi toi co "AC CAM" ve ho. CHAN THAT. Con nguoi sinh ra tren doi nay, co nam co nu, co vui buon hanh phuc, co ke giau nguoi ngheo. nguoi qua ngheo thi phai lo du moi cach de Kiem ra dong tien de lo com an ao mac. Ke qua giau thi vung tay tieu xai de thoai man long tham muon va duc vong. Do vay ma sinh ra lam thu vua phu du vua hien thuc. Neu chung ta roi bo nhung thu phu du va huong ve hien thuc. chung ta se tim den nHau nhung gi trong trang nhat cua tinh yeu. MON QUA. ngay nao toi cung muon len day de on lai mot chut ve tieu su cua minh. That ra tieu su cua toi cung chang co gi dac biet ca. Toi cung nhu nhung nguoi dan ong khac, dang mong doi mua xuan. Neu mua xuan la mon qua toi mong doi, thi toi cung co mon qua tang mua xuan ay. Toi muon tang cho nhung ai ghe tham toi o trang nay, mot cau chuyen nho nho ve cuoc song cua toi. Neu day la tram nghi chan cua ho thi xin chuc tinh yeu chan that se den voi ho. Mon qua cua toi chi co bay nhieu thoi. Toi muon chia xe voi ban nhung y nghia va quan niem ve cuoc song va tinh yeu. Thoi gian song. Neu ban khong phai la nguoi that tinh (hay dang gap phai mot kho khan that lon trong cuoc song) thi co le ban se dong y voi toi rang "Khong co gi qui hon thoi gian song ca". Neu khong co thoi gian song, thi tat ca (tien bac, dia vi, nhan sac, kien thuc, khoai lac, ..) nhung gi co o tren the gian nay dieu vo nghia ca. nhung thoi gian ay, da dem lai gi cho cuoc song cua ban? Doi con gai, tuoi thanh xuan chi trong nhay mat da xe chieu. Tuoi 20, 30, 40, 50 troi qua nhu la mot giac mo, phai khong ban? Moi ngay nao do, ban cap Sach den truong nhung bay gio da tro thanh di vang. nhiem MAU. Trong cuoc song, minh khong thay duoc su nhiem mau o chung quanh chung ta. Vi du, tat ca nhung gi minh THAY thuong ngay khong co gi ma mau nhiem ca. nhung doi voi nguoi MU, tat ca dieu la the gioi vo hinh va vo mau. Trong the gioi ay, lam sao ho co the tuong tuong duoc vu tru bao la nay, trai dat rong men mong nay, que huong yeu giau nay, sac dep tuyet voi cua phu nu ma dan tao hoa de ban cho chung ta. The gioi muon hinh va muon mau sac, doi voi ho la nhiem mau. nhung doi voi chung ta thi chuyen thuong trinh. Co phai vay khong ban? tinh yeu. La nguoi Viet song o xu la va que nguoi, doi voi toi khong co gi dep bang que huong dat nuoc ca. Mac du dat nuoc cua toi, khong giau co nhu dat nuoc toi dang song. chung quang toi la mat xanh, toc vang, mui Cao, da trang. Doi voi toi khong co gi dep ca. Doi voi toi, phu nu Vietnam la tuyet voi. La ga trong nuoi con, doi voi toi khong co gi gia tri bang vai tro cua phu nu trong gia dinh ca. Toi khao khat duoc tinh yeu that su. Toi mong cho nu cuoi cua nguoi toi yeu. Tat ca, doi voi toi dieu la thieng lieng Cao ca. nhung doi voi nhung nguoi dang co, chac ho nghi la tam thuong lam ha. MUA xuan. Dung la nhu vay. tinh yeu, doi voi toi, la su nhiem mau ma THUong DE da ban cho chung ta. cuoc song ma khong co tinh yeu thi giong nhu cay co song trong mua dong lanh leo. Khong co la xanh; khong co nhung bong hoa muon mau sac; khong co huong thom ngat ngao khi hoa no vao mua xuan. Tat ca chi la nhung nhanh cay kho cang dang mong doi mua xuan den. ANH SANG cua tinh yeu. Doi luc toi cam thay buon tui cho nhung nguoi dan ong khong biet quy tinh yeu la gi ca. ho khong biet quy, nhung gi thieng lieng Cao ca cua nguoi yeu da dang hien cho ho. Suoi am cho ho nhung dem dong lanh leo. Chia se vui buon nhung luc ho co don. San soc cho ho nhung khi om dau. Dang hien den nguoi yeu nhung nu hon dam am. Chia se nhung giay phut ngat ngay vi khoai lac. Len mam nhung chen com nong va mon an ngon nguoi yeu thich. Doi voi toi la nhung uoc mo do nhu nhung nguoi MU mong cho phep la de duoc tHau nhan anh sang. Em la anh sang cua tinh yeu. Toi mong rang, ban hieu duoc nhu gi toi muon noi. Cam on ban rat nhieu da bo thoi gian qui bao de doc nhung dong chu nay. Bay gio troi da het mua rui ban a. Toi chuc ban thuong lo binh an. For those who can't read Vietnamese, I wish to communicate this message to you. The contents in Vietnamese might be different than what is written in English but the context is the same. I like to read woman's profiles looking for love, in Vietnam Cupid. Each profile has a story to tell. It is not only a story but a REAL story. I actually felt their voices "I want someone who is faithful to me as I am faithful to him". Perhaps, this conviction, I feel, would make Vietnamese women stand above the other. They practice very high moral. In fact, this is the kind of quality that I am looking for from a woman. LOVE, to me, is something very sacred. this sacred thing would really heel my soul. It would help me overcome the cravings such as gamblings, alcohol, women, and drugs. I am not saying that men who addicted to substances are bad. I think they are the victims of these addictions. LOVE, its FAITH and WISDOM would help me to overcome the mundane things. Unless your heart is current broken or you have encountered a big obstacle, it is most likely you have agreed with me that nothing is more precious than living time. If there is no living time, the others (money, beauty, fames, knowledge, wisdom)become meaningless. Has time done for you lately? Have you ever wondered why I am here on this planet? What is the purpose of my life? Do I utilize my time the way I want? Sometimes we don't value things we have until we lost them. Please come back some other times. It will be there for you. Thank you.

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Gender: Male Female
Age: 53 25 - 35
Lives in: Oakland, California, United States Vietnam
Relocate: Not sure about relocating Any
Hair color: Black Any
Hair length: Short Any
Hair type: Straight Any
Eye color: Brown Any
Eye wear: None Any
Height: 5'10" (178 cm) 5'0" (153 cm) - 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 76 kg (167 lb) 41 kg (90 lb) - 50 kg (110 lb)
Body style: Average Any
Ethnicity: Asian Any
Facial hair: Clean Shaven N/A
Best feature: My Personality Any
Body art: None Any
Appearance: Attractive Any
Drink: Occasionally drink Any
Smoke: Don't smoke Any
Marital Status: Separated Any
Have children: Yes - live at home Any
Number of children: 2 Any
Oldest child: 17 Any
Youngest child: 8 Any
Want (more) children: No Any
Have pets: No Pets Any
Occupation: Medical / Dental / Veterinary Any
Employment status: Full Time Any
Income: $120,001 - $180,000 USD Any
Home type: House Any
Living situation: Live with kids Any
Background / Cultural Values 
Nationality: Vietnam Vietnam
Education: Masters Degree High School, Vocational College, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, PhD or Doctorate
Languages spoken: English,Chinese (Cantonese),Vietnamese Any
English ability: Fluent Any
Vietnamese ability: Fluent Fluent, Very Good, Good
Religion: Buddhist Any
Chinese sign: Dragon Any
Star sign: Aries Any
Hobbies & Interests
Entertainment: Gardening / Landscaping, Museums / Galleries, Reading, Writing
Food: Vietnamese
Music: Classical / Opera
Sport: Hiking, Martial Arts

Xin dung lang phi thoi gian song. Hay nam tay anh, chung minh se cung nhau kham pha ra nhieu su nhiem mau cua cuoc song tren the gian nay em nhe.

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